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Completely Bogus,Yet Funded Surveys

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Monkeys can type
There is actually a theorem, The Infinite Monkey, that states that monkeys can type complete words like William Shakespeare on a typewriter.

Menstruating lap dancers are paid less
Some scientists at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, USA came to this conclusion after a study conducted on 18 lap dancers who were asked to log their hours, menstrual cycles and tips over a period of 60 days.

Married couples look alike
110 participants in a survey were given photographs of random male faces, and were then asked to match it with the photograph of women the male ones most closely resemble. A lot of matched ones were that of married couple.

Women aroused by monkey sex
A 2005 study conducted by Meredith Chivers and J. Michael Bailey found that women, unlike straight men who are only aroused by human females, can get excited by LGBT, human and non-human sex.

Curvy hips are smarter
In a test conducted by University of Pittsburg on 16000 women and girls, it was concluded that participants who had curvaceous hips were more intelligent than the ones who didn’t.

People prefer picking partners with similar body fatness
The Aberdeen study involving 42 couples said people often married within their own social class as well as taking looks, height and race into account.

How breasts move
A survey of 70 women established that women’s breasts move in all direction while walking and proportionally in some directions while jogging and running.

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