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Depressingly Pointless Apps

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It allows the user to fill his or her screen with one beer from a selection. When the screen is tilted, the beer appears to pour away, accompanied by a realistic glugging sound. Once your glass is emptied, you will be greeted by the sound of a resounding belch. Lovely. The fact that this app has been downloaded over a billion times is surely a cause for concern.

Talking Tom
This ingenious app consists of a feline avatar the user can ‘punch’ and ‘pour milk’ for. However the crowning glory of Talking Tom is that if you have a built in microphone, you can talk into it, and Tom will repeat what you said in one of the most intensely irritating voices of all time.

What could be more amusing than your iPhone mimicking the noise of an electric razor? In fact, the answer is everything, making this app pointless.

The astonishingly perverse app Zips affords us hours of fun by (you guessed it) undoing zips.

Hold on
Self-explanatory, this one. The aim of the game is to hold on to a button on your screen for as long as you can. Bring on the fun!












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