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Is Punjab The Most Drug – Affected State?

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10 % of female and 33% of male students have consumed drugs

30 % of all jail prisoners in the state have been imprisoned for drug-related crimes

1/3rd students are drug addicts

75 % of the youth in Punjab have consumed drugs

7 out of 10 college-going students abuse one or the other drug

10 drug related crimes are conducted in Punjab for every drug-related crime in other states according to the National Crime Records Bureau

17 out of 98 private de-addiction centres are only  duly registered

120 pound of heroine intended for smack-addled voters were seized by the Narcotics Control Bureau and Border Security Forces during the last Punjab state assembly elections

65 % of all families in Punjab could be on the verge of drug addiction.

67 % of the state’s  rural household has at least one drug addict

15-35 years is the age group to which a majority of the addicts belong

7 Drug-Induced Celebrity Deaths

1 At 36, Marilyn Monroe died in her sleep due to sleeping pills overdose.
2 Jim Morrison  died of an accidental heroin overdose.
3 Sylvester Stallone’s son Sage reportedly died of drug consumption.
4 MJ died due to what many believe was an overdose of prescription drugs.
5 Elvis Presley’s heart collapsed after he popped more pills than prescribed by his doctor.
6 Heath Ledger died of an accidental prescription pill overdose.

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