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Karuna Ezara ParikhTelly’sBikini Babe

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The bikini-clad host does not shy away from mentioning sex as one of her interests and also enjoys reading, writing and baking.

The one thing that will get any man going is a woman who can slip into a mountaineering suit as easily as she can carry off a bikini. Well, boys meet Karuna Ezara Parikh – the multi-faceted hostess of Life’s a Beach. One can’t help notice her bikini-ready bod that gives us another reason to like the sun and the sand. “(Laughs) I’m lucky enough to have a pool, so in the summer, I’m in a bikini almost everyday. In fact, I look at it as homework for my job,” she tells us.

A writer by profession and a soon-to-be-publisher of her debut novel, she loves challenging yet captivating books. “Ormus Cama and Vina Apsara from Salman Rushdie’s book, The Ground Beneath Her Feet are my favourite characters. As for my own book, it’s about an inter-religious love story between a Pakistani boy and an Indian girl. The publishing date just got pushed to February 2013, so Happy Valentine’s Day to me,” she chides.

So how did this show fall in your kitty? “This job happened only because a friend from NDTV was Facebook stalking me and thought – ‘She talks a lot and looks okay in a bikini, so why not’? Though, let me tell you, this show made me finally give beaches a chance, and now I just can’t get enough of them!”

Karuna is a mischievous, high-spirited gal as well as the geek who is always buried in her books. “My bedroom looks like a library, yet somehow, I was always in trouble at school,” she reminisces. But, the anchor has never got involved in catfights. “Frankly, I’m a pacifist and a strong believer in non-violence, so I’ve never done any of that,” she adds.

With non-stop travelling, her life can be penned down as part of the script of Around the World in Eighty Days, “I never stop travelling,” she cuts in, “And honestly, it’s been a crazy ride so far. What keeps things interesting is that I travel with a rotating team, so you never know who’s going to be on which trip.” Quiz her about a few of her favourite destinations that we too should pay a visit to and she quickly replies, “Israel is the best overall destination, while Barcelona is a party haven. Fiji for its resorts and the Andamans for their tranquility, but there is no water like the Maldivian one.”

Her uncanny interests quirk up her resume and even though it may sound weird, she confidently lists down sex as one of them. “I find sex very interesting – don’t you?” “But hold on, that’s not my only interest. I like Lomography (a style of photography) and cooking too. Oh, and I love baking,” she quickly adds.

So we ask Karuna if FHM readers stand a chance with her. “I’m sure,” she laughs. “I like intelligent men who aren’t afraid to be themselves.” However, she does mention that we need to do sweet things for her to sweep her off her feet. “I remember one sweet thing a boy once did. He leaned all the way out of my moving school bus and begged a flower seller for a free rose for me because I had pointed them out and called them pretty.” “Are you prepared to do such things?” she asks. We are party enthusiasts and promise her to take her for plenty of bashes instead, we offer. “I like the idea, but I usually party on Fridays and Saturdays. Though I can go for concerts any day of the week,” she informs.

In our rapid-fire round, she candidly answers that she drinks too much wine, eats way too much cake, can dance each night away, but most of all, she falls in love in a heartbeat. Also, she never ever travels without a sweatshirt, and loves Boxers – the dog, not the underwear. What’s more – she is an avid music listener and ordered us to download Addicted To Love by Florence and the Machine, her current favourite. She will choose anything, even sci-fi over chick-lit, but wouldn’t mind spending some quality time with Edward Cullen.

Karuna likes to emphasise that when at home, she’s a hermit and spends time doing housework. She used to gym a lot, but got lazy. “I love yoga and swimming, but I’m planning to get back on the treadmill soon,” she says optimistically and also admits to being smitten by good interior design and architecture. “What can I say – apart from men, beautiful houses turn me on,” she ends.

“I’m lucky enough to have a pool, so in the summer, I’m in a bikini almost everyday. In fact, I look at it as homework for my job”

“I find sex very interesting – don’t you? But hold on, that’s not my only interest.”


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