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Obscene Named Cities

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Climax Springs, USA

USA although the name sounds appealing, it only refers to a small village of around 80 people in Camden County, Missouri. Don’t start packing yet because the city doesn’t actually have springs per se.

Maidenhead, UK
Ahem, the city is home to the famous Windsor Castle and not other things that are popping up in your mind.

Bigadic town, Turkey
Located in the Marmara region of Turkey, known for its naturally occurring thermal pools and supply of Boron.

Fingringhoe, UK
Planning a vacation here, well hold your horses as this village is a pleasant spot to unwind and relax. Pun intended !

Dildo, France
Dildo has been synonymous with the sexual phalis and it is unknown where this name came from, however it has been so called since the 18th century.

Pussy, France
The small French village of Pussy is located in the community of Les plus beaux villages de France. The village’s name comes from the Gallo-Roman name ‘Pusiacum’ – pusus actually means a little boy.

Crotch Crescent, UK
No, this is not that piece of fabric that gets stuck at inappropriate time, but this is a municipality town in Oxfordshire.

Titty Ho, UK
Sniggering at double entendres is a loved and time-honored tradition in this country and Titty Ho is one of the best ones !

Fucking, Austria
The number one puzzling town name is in western Upper Austria. Fucking has been around since 1070, named apparently after a legendary 6th century character “Focko”. Translated, the name of the town simply signifies “(place of) s people.

Horni Police, Czech Republic
Well, at least for once Police is attributed with the most appropriate notion.

Wank, Germany
We are not sure about what the inhabitants of this city are called. Maybe ‘Wankers’.

Titz town, Germany
The name does sound like an eye candy to all, but is a small municipality district. And yes, the mascot for the city is not what you are thinking about.

Chutia , Ranchi, India
Thanks to State Bank Of India, this part of the city came under the radar of jesters and comics.

Pising town, Indonesia
No, you do not get the authority to take a leak anywhere in this town but at public convenience spots.Fukue town, Japan
Remember the Japanese twins from Austin Powers, yes they hail from here. No, we are kidding about this little town.

Iron Knob, Australia
The town located in the South of Australia is famous for its mines and steel tours, and we assume that this is how the name was kept.

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