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Quick-And-Easy Iphone Tricks

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  1. IDENTIFY THE PLANE: With the help of search engine Wolfram Alpha, Siri can identify planes like Boeing 787 and reveal their itinerary, even of those that just flew over your head.
  2. Stop the mindless screen rotation: Double-click the iPhone home button. It will bring out a list of recently opened apps. Swipe the list from left to right until you spot the far-left button – gray icon with a circular arrow in the far-left button. Touch the icon and a message will come up reading, “Portrait Orientation Locked.” Now even if you do a summer salt, the screen would remain vertical.
  3. Take a picture, faster: When the screen is locked, double clicks the home button. A camera icon will appear at the bottom of the screen. Taping this button will directly take you to the camera.
  4. iMessage is free: Yes, it is across continents. Use it when you’re traveling abroad to cut down on expensive international data plans and text services.
  5. Use iphone as a wireless router: iPhones with iOS 4.3 can double up as wireless routers in practically no time enabling you to connect to your computer, iPod, or other Internet-compatible devices to the phone’s wireless connection. Under General Settings, look for Network, then tap Set Up Personal Hotspot. Check with your mobile operator for applicable charges.
  6. Customise vibrations: To do that for different contacts, go into Accessibility under General Settings, scroll down to Hearing and turn on Custom Vibrations. Then head to Sounds, scroll down to Vibration Patterns and tap Vibration. There, you’ll find a number of standard options and a final option to Create New Vibration, where you can tap the screen to create a vibration pattern of your own.
  7. Scroll faster from bottom to top of the list: Just click the clock at the top of the screen to directly reach the top of library, contacts, e-mail, and websites.
  8. Drop a pin in Maps: You can mark your desired location on the map by tapping the location on the screen. A purple pin will mark it.
  9. Change Siri’s accent and gender: Go to General Settings, look for Siri. From there, a Language option gives you five choices as to Siri’s vernacular – English (Australia), English (United Kingdom), English (United States), French, and German. The British Siri is a man.
  10. Locate your lost iPhone: Set up iCloud, go into the iCloud settings and enable Find My iPhone. Or just download the Find My iPhone app. Once sign up, you can track your phone on a map. You can also force lock the phone, play a tone, display an alert message and erase its memory.
  11. Parental control: If you don’t want you young ones to access web or listen to explicit language, go to Restriction under General Settings where you’ll find loads of options to control who gets to access what. Enable Restrictions and set a passcode.
  12. Make it your TV remote: You can control all your audio-video gadgets through your iPhone. You can even set reminders. Try the free app BlinQ TV. But to use this app, you’ll have to purchase Apple’s infrared emitter.
  13.  iPhone can help you sleep: Free app Relax Melodies has 41 sounds that you can either listen to individually or in combination to help you take a power nap or stay focused.
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