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Taylor Momsen is having a party

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Intro: Rock star, wild child, lingerie lover, porn star groper: meet 18-year-old Taylor Momsen

TXT: House parties can go one of two ways – Get the ingredients wrong and before you know it you’ll be playing Guitar Hero with that weird guy from down the road, drinking cocktails ’cos no one brought any proper booze. Get the ingredients right, however, and it can be a theatre of awesome – a place where dreams are realised and magic happens.

So when the ridiculously hot and notoriously fun-hungry 18-year-old princess of rock, Taylor Momsen asked FHM UK if we’d like to come to her house party with five sexy mates, a tiny, leather-clad dog and one of the world’s most acclaimed adult movie stars, it was pretty obvious which type of house party it would be.

For those not familiar with Miss Momsen, an introduction: in her brief 18 years on planet Earth she’s already played boyfriend-stealing Jenny Humphrey on Gossip Girl, fronted her own band The Pretty Reckless (who last year supported Guns N’ Roses and this year embark on their own world tour) and had numerous modelling gigs, including being the face of New Look and Madonna’s fashion line.

Now the focus is on her band, which suits us just fine because they’re actually bloody good. Watching her perform, it’s plain to see that frontwomanMomsen is a genuine rock star (she writes all her own music) and a bona fide guitar-wielding megastar in the making. In fact, we’re banking on her career blowing up so much this year that we’ve gone and made her our official Number One Hottest Newbie Girl 2012. Oscars Shmoscars.

Anyway, back to the party. Imagine the best party you’ve ever been to, multiply it by a thousand, add award-winning porn-star Jenna Haze, subtract lots of clothes, and you’ve pretty much got it. “I’m like Taylor’s video girl,” explains her cohort Haze (if you don’t know the name, you’ll know her, erm, face…). “Hip hop guys have girls with big butts in theirs, Taylor has me.” Indeed: Haze also stars in the raunchy upcoming video for The Pretty Reckless’ My Medicine. For those familiar with Taylor’s past, this seemingly shocking friendship between 18-year-old rocker and 29-year old porn star will actually come as little surprise. Taylor has, since her early teens, happily ridden wave after wave of controversy, notching up column inches for every misdemeanour from flashing her boobs to getting off with girls. (Both on stage. Both before her 18th birthday.)

What differentiates Taylor from the copycats and the wannabes is the fact that what you see with her is what you get. She’s incredibly likeable – no diva strops and Mariah Carey-style shoot demands, just a request to bring her five sexy mates and one of the world’s biggest porn stars along to her cover shoot. “I love my girls, I just don’t have a lot of them,” she smiles, before ripping her best friend’s tank top to shreds. “I don’t have a lot of girlfriends, because when I went to school I was barely there, so I didn’t make tight relationships.”

That doesn’t matter now, though, because you’re officially FHM’s Hottest Newbie Music Girl of 2012. What’s it like fronting a rock band? It’s awesome. They’re like my best friends. We have the best chemistry. There’s never a bad day and I love it. It’s like, you know, living the dream. That sounds so contrived, but it’s true.

The Pretty Reckless consists of you and a bunch of blokes. Do you all sleep together on the tour bus?
Yup, it’s tight quarters. We all sleep in bunks and there’s no real personal space, but everyone kind of just becomes a family.

You recently opened for Guns N’ Roses. Are they heroes of yours?
They are, but to be honest most of my favourite bands are from England. They have the best bands. The Beatles, Zeppelin, The Who — they have frickin’ all of them! America loses there. We still have a couple of good ones, but UK has the greats.

Have you met anyone special recently?
I’m not seeing anyone, no. I’m completely fucking submerged in my career and writing. I’m dating my guitar.

So how can a guy attract your attention?
Confidence. But, not fake confidence.

Any other big no-nos?
I don’t like guys who overdress. And I don’t like guys who try too hard. If people don’t like you, then they can suck a dick. If they don’t like you, then they’re not the type of person you should be around.

So how do you relax?
I don’t have many days off, but when I do, I don’t like to leave my apartment. Period. I don’t want to go outside. I watch any TiVo shows I have – Entourage, Californication – or I sleep, because I never sleep, like, ever. Like, literally ever.

I sleep for about four hours a night, or day, really. I go to bed at, like, 9am, sleep for four hours, then get up and start the day again.

Umm, is that healthy?
I don’t mind if it’s not. I love what I do. If I had a month off, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. I would be writing songs or in the studio, because I live for that.

Yay or Nay!

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