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Who Is Good Enough For Her? Explained

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Guys who have big muscles: I don’t go for looks because it’s not a certificate of him being good in bed.

The filthy rich guy: That’s a turn on for sure. He will be a moneylender… My personal ATM.

A guy with pink lips: Poor chap. I would stay away from those girly looks.

The guy who trims his underarm and pubic hair: Naughty girls like me like neat stuff. Also, it speaks a lot about his sense of hygiene.

The bad guy with a Ferrari: I would like to know how bad (or dirty) can he really get? I don’t mind a ‘bad’ chauffeur.  The guy who leaves you high and dry in bed: For such men, I have a piece of advice – shake your hand everyday and keep women away.

The guy who’ll keep on wanting sex: He knows that one day he will surely turn impotent, so he wants to have all the fun before that.

The guy who wants a no-strings attached relationship: He should rather go for paid sex because a no-strings attached relationship, beyond a point, is not possible.

The guy who offers you a drink at the bar: Haha! Maybe he is a sacked bartender with dirty thoughts.

The guy who makes you try too many sex positions: He must have done an MBA in the Kamasutra, or maybe he is the son of some sex god.

The guy who is always on protein shakes: Too much of protein? Maybe he has shaky erections.

The guy who wouldn’t pay the dinner bill: I would never ever be with a guy who insists on saving money or forces me to shop during a sale. If he can’t pay the bills, I would rather discount him out of my life.

The guy who plays loud music: He must be deaf. Else, nothing is cool about it.

The guy who is in several relationships simultaneously: Wow! He must be a multi-tasker. I appreciate that.

The guys who fucks around: One day he’ll be HIV positive.

The guy who pays for sex: He is a social worker who provides physical and financial pleasure to those who need it the most, or maybe an intelligent trader. You give, I take.

– Kumar Saurav

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