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Worst Facebook Apps

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This game application developed by Zynga in 2009 needs no introduction as we’ve all been bombarded with crop, animal and harvest requests. Frankly, it must’ve been popular, but it demanded so much time and hogged so much drinking conversation, that we just got irritated. Apparently, it’s so addictive that Greater Manchester resident Adam Hamnett robbed a blind man to buy virtual animals for his farm and when his friend threatened to tell the police, he murdered him.

Pirates vs. Ninjas 
The names sounds kick-ass, but once you start playing this game will eat up all your time, as it’s a never-ending saga. The concept of ninjas slaughtering pirates and vice versa is brilliant, however the only glitch is, to survive and grow in the game, it will pester you to invite friends to join your fight. So you have to start spamming friends to join in your make-belief Pirate/Ninja army and bug them by asking them to send stuff.

Pimp Fight
Another really weird application on Facebook is Pimp Fight. Yes, you read it right. It’s called Pimp Fight. To rule the streets, you need to build an army of pimps and fight against other armies created by your friends or even strangers. It’s the look of the characters that is actually quite amusing. You walk around in pink trackpants, wearing knuckle-dusters and chains, trying to copy a rapper, but actually end up looking gay.

Happy Aquarium 
This game helps you build your ‘dream’ aquarium with props and kissing fishes. Uh, sounds too girly… There are no sharks or mean monsters and no bloodshed meaning nothing to invest your time in!

We’re known for forgetting our friends and girlfriends birthdays, and we’re totally cool with that. And requests to get added in or create calendars like Birthday Calendar, Events Calendar, Valentine’s Calendar, Kiss Calendar, Hug Calendar and many more such annoying calendars is just so frustrating. Not only do you get reminders of your friends’ birthdays, but their friends’ birthdays too. Another disadvantage is they get linked to your smartphones, sending reminders there. Yuck!

We know this one’s popular, but then so is Farmville and according to us it’s the worst FB game. Zombies is all about biting your friends and passing along a virus. Rather than helping our friends deal with breakups and jobs, we actually decide to bite them and infect them. How interesting, right? Worong! And if that’s not bad enough, you have to fight off Slayers, Werewolves, Vampires, and other Zombies to grow stronger and build an army to become the Zombie god. This app, which started as multi-level marketing social app, became popular amongst teenagers and Twilighters, but we suggest steering clear.

Zoo World
Zoo World may sound better than Farmville, but it’s still not appealing enough. We’re given a small land at the start to build a zoo, breed animals, hunt for treasures and trade with friends to reach the next level.

Friends for Sale 
It sounds fun – you buy your friends, sell them and then eventually joke about their worth over beers. But suddenly when you get dragged into the nonsense and your friend sells you for pennies, you become the joke of the entire group. So your friend just bought a hot chick for millions, while he happily sold you to a stranger for not even a grand. This game should come with a warning that it ruins your social standing.

After Farmville, this is Zynga’s other free game, which is immensely popular. All you do the entire day is decorate your house, host kitty-parties, shop and play stupid games. It’s a game for women who just want to earn points by inviting friends to their house and showing-off their new furniture, receiving and sending gifts and indulging in random chit-chatting. And by doing all this, you reach the next level. Guys, steer clear of this game, unless you enjoy refurbishing your house and baking in frilly aprons.

Bumper Stickers
The creators of Pieces of Flair, Bumper Stickers and Super Wall think that these applications help the user express their thoughts through graphics, videos and meaningful gifts. But to be honest, they just bombard your wall with creepy looking characters, painful quotes and messages that make you want to kill you oversensitive friend who posted them. Also at times, they post crass videos on your wall too. • Own your Friends (word count 69) There is a huge market, where you put yourself up and find out your worth. This is what Owned or Own your friends is all about. You get no actual money or rewards, but just end up becoming a laughing stock. So, it’s not just friends’ who’ll make a joke of you, now strangers will also decide your worth on the basis of your face value.

There’s something called Poke on FB and then there’s SuperPoke. In the latter, you throw sheep, chicken and penguins and in return all kinds of animals and cheesy smileys are sent to you. Yes, that’s what you do in SuperPoke! Once a friend got dumped because he threw a sheep at one of the girls on his list. The game, launched in 2007, was created by Nikil Gandhy, Will Liu and Jonathan Hsu and soon became a flirting medium by teen boys. Thankfully, the application lost its charm and we stopped receiving notifications saying, “Veer Singh threw a sheep…”

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