Bollywood Movies That Normalized Unhealthy Relationships


Some Bollywood movies are considered to be classics, but in reality, they are actually responsible for glorifying unhealthy relationships. Read on to find out which ones we’re talking about.

Indian cinema has no shortage of bad movies romanticizing the worst types of relationships a person could be in. Often hailed as iconic and classic movies, these movies not only glamorize being in toxic and unhealthy relationships, but also impress upon women that ‘adjusting’ is the most important in relationships. In line with this thought, we have lined up 5 famous Bollywood films that set highly toxic standards of love and managed to teach us a thing or two about toxic and unhealthy relationships.


The movie that deserves brownie points for making a child mother her own father.

The first and the foremost on this list had to be Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Considered to be the perfect love story by many even today, it is actually anything but that. Anjali was relatively invisible to Rahul until she had a makeover and started wearing sarees. And let’s not forget how an 8-year-old child is tasked by her own mother to matchmake her own father with a woman who is already engaged to be married. Then we have Rahul’s ‘one life, one love’ philosophy that went immediately down the drain the moment he saw Anjali with her saree flying, in the typical heroine pose. Hypocritical much, Rahul?


The movie that teaches us that if a guy seems too good to be true, he probably isn’t good at all!

Maddy is hailed as sweet and romantic, but girls, if you come across a ‘Maddy’ in real life, run as far away as you can! He pretends to be someone else entirely and cheats the girl into falling in love with him. And the extremely problematic portrayal of the girl as she forgives him and decides to come back to him is another thing extremely wrong in the film.


The movie that teaches us to never write emails to your crush until he knows it is you writing. 

Where do we even start with this movie! Raj claims to love Pooja because he thinks he is the girl he’s been messaging for years. But, the moment he spots Tina, conventional beauty standards take over and he finds himself immediately attracted to her. And that’s fine, it is completely normal after all, but the fact that he then goes back to Pooja as he finds out the truth about her being the one writing to him, gets mad at her for not telling him beforehand; and after that, he forces her to marry someone else as that is the only way he could marry Tina is extremely bizarre. Truly an extremely problematic film, that is best avoided in our opinion.


The movie that tried to portray a perfect love story, but failed spectacularly.

A movie whose protagonist is hailed as the perfect husband, but let’s talk about the cringe factor here. The movie is all about sanskar, good people, marriage, etc. Poonam is fair and considered beautiful and so her aunt hates her as her own daughter is dark. Enter the rich, well-settled guy and the girl agrees to marriage as he is perfect. But the most famous song from the film – Mujhe Hak Hai – sets the tone for the entire film – she is basically just an object to be owned!


The movie that doesn’t make sense: how do you not recognize your own husband after he shaved his moustache and washed his hair?

The girl’s fiancé dies and her father is on the death bed – the perfect conditions for the heroine to get married to any random stranger. He then proceeds to construct a whole fake personality to make her fall in love with him then gets mad that she falls in love with the fake version. And the girl, all ready to run away with the man she thinks she loves, suddenly realises she loves her actual husband all the while seeming to not realise, they’re both actually the same person! Someone definitely needs to make it make sense!