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From Cran-Berry to Merry-Christmas


Is your Christmas even Fun if there’s no Alcohol? Check Out This Zingy and Flavourful Cocktail to Make Your Christmas Higher on spirits!  

As the saying goes, “Cocktails are the present you give to yourself”, Cocktails has been in trend for decades. From just mixing regular water with your alcoholic beverages, cocktails make you experience the ‘unique’ factor every now and then.

And talking about this month, what’s more exciting than December itself? From Merry Christmas To A Happy New Year, everything defines festive vibes to its deepest core. Alcohol is the best gift one can give to themselves. You just have to pour some happiness in your glasses and we are here to tell you that what would go with your drinks. So, get aboard the train that’s going to stop at a station called Cocktail world!

Cranberry Kir Royale 

Cranberries are one of the healthiest fruits which do not only improves your cardiovascular health but is a very rich anti-oxidant too. But are we here for the health? Probably not. Cranberry when mixed with alcohol indeed makes you royale. It usually takes 20-30 mins to make and looks exclusively royal without a doubt. Let’s see how can prepare it!


How to Make-:

Tips to Keep in Mind-:

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