Know Everything About The World’s Most Expensive Video Game Here


Video Game & Boys Have An Impressable Bond. That Being Said, Have A Look At The World’s Most Expensive Video Game.

Are you even for real if you don’t know Mario? Super Mario is one 2D and 3D platform game series created by Nintendo that is adored by the public. It would be safe to say that every household has at least once played Super Mario. The game that stars the fictional Italian plumber in a red hat and coveralls, Mario is the most iconic video game character of all time. To further surprise you, the 1996 game “Super Mario 64” last year became the most expensive video game ever sold in an auction.

Super Mario is one 2D and 3D platform game series created by Nintendo that is adored by the public.

Yes, you read that right. In fact, it is one such video game to be sold for more than $1 Million. Nonetheless, the only factor that makes this game high-priced is the pure nostalgia of Mario. You ask what’s so special about the “Super Mario 64.” Well, it was the first Nintendo to release the game on its Nintendo 64 console. It also had fresh features such as players could guide Mario downpipes and defeat his nemesis, Bowser, in 3D. Super Mario 64” was the first Mario game to feature three-dimensional environments. Exciting, right? We know all Mario fans are understanding the emotion.

Speaking of the past, in 1996 Super Mario 64 used to sell at $60 and Nintendo has since sold about 12 million copies of the same. Yet this unopened copy from the past, still in perfect condition, protected by a plastic case, still in its factory-sealed, with shrink-wrapped packaging sold for a whopping price of $1.56 million in the auction. Of course, it wasn’t the first time a video game this valuable was sold at the auction but this one surely beats all previous records.

Price: $1.56 million

Previously, the record was held by a 1987 copy of “The Legend of Zelda,” which sold for $870,000 earlier this month. Speaking of the game, there were some upgrades such as players guiding Mario through a quest to rescue the ruler of Mushroom Kingdom, Princess Peach, from his archenemy, Bowser, the king of a tribe of turtles. It indeed marks a pristine copy of a classic game and we’re sure all gamers are already intrigued and want to get their hands on this quirky game. The least we can help here is tell you that some anonymous bidder picked this classic, according to attic Heritage Auctions in Dallas, and probably stored in the game in his attic.