Learn All About Veganism Before You Turn Vegan

Learn All About Veganism Before You Turn Vegan. From Its History to Current Facts and Figures We Have a Lot to Share, Dive In!

  • British animal rights activist Donald Watson came up with the term Vegan in the 1940s, making the term less than 100 years old.
  • Someone who follows a plant-based diet burns calories 16% faster on average than the metabolism of meat-eaters.
  • By trying veganism, you will protect animals largely. As currently, over 150 million farmed animals are killed each day.
  • Each vegan person spares 30 animals’ life on an average per year.

Veganism; Not A Trend But Awakening

    • Veganism also saves oceans, as there are chances that we can have fishless oceans by 2048 unless we change the animal food industries and their practices.
    • It solves world hunger, as we will be able to feed 4 billion more people if we grow crops directly for people, instead of feeding livestock and then consuming them.
    • It takes a whopping 10,910 liters of water to produce just one pound of beef, it’s your turn to switch to veganism to protect your environment.
    • Fun fact: in 2018, the UK launched more vegan products than any other nation.


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