Unleashing the Colour of Desire with Nimrat Kaur

Vivacious, voluptuous and totally va-va voom! She wowed audiences as the housewife in Lunchbox. A one-on-one, no-holds-barred interview that got us by the round and curlies!

Sandwiched between multiple shoots and promotions for Airlift, Nimrat Kaur looked both excited and shy for the shoot that we’d planned out for her. And what a transformation we saw! As the shutter went ‘cachish’ a couple of times, there was a totally different person glaring back at it, sinfully restrained and absolutely in control of how much of her hidden side she wanted unleashed. We’re sure you’ll love the following pages for a kickass shoot and an equally kickass conversation that she won our hearts with…

FHM: Hi Nimrat! How was the shoot?

Nimrat: It was really interesting. I’ve followed Rohan’s work for a long time, but this was the first time that we shot together. His work is really edgy and fun and it’s really cool to work with him. He’d just come back from a Vipassana camp with a renewed energy and that was his first working day. I was a bit shy and unnerved with some of the looks that we were trying to do. But, of course, that’s how an FHM cover is, and as we got in the mood it was a lot of fun.

I think we’ve captured quite an oomph-atic side of yours in these pictures, though still quite restrained. How far can we coax you to go, maybe in the next shoot?

May be if we have a change of location. Why don’t we travel somewhere nice and exotic and see what the environment does for us (Laughs). Then let’s see what kind of pictures we shoot.

What is your sexiest physical feature? We have one, but let’s start with you…

O God! I’ve never thought of such a thing at all… (Laughs). Genetically I am as Indian as it gets. I know that I have a very Indian figure. I don’t say that it’s very sexy but I’m very comfortable being how I am. If I had to choose one feature then I would pick my collarbones. I think they look really sexy in photographs. (Laughs)


I would pick my collarbones. I think they look really sexy in photographs.

We personally feel that your eyes are really sexy. Do you get a lot of compliments for them?

Aww… Thank you. I do get that a lot actually. But, it’s so funny, when I was working only as a model, I was often told that my eyes were too small and that Indian women should have big eyes and that’s considered beautiful. These are just perceptions. And eventually you figure out that nothing really makes a difference. Now, being on the other side, when people talk about them I feel shy because I never thought of them as good looking.

What type of person are you: introvert or extrovert?

Somewhere in between. And I think I change with the situation and the kind of people around. There are times when I get extremely introvert and tongue tied, especially with people who I really admire and look up to, or in front of people that I don’t want to be around. But on most occasions I am a people’s person. As long as the atmosphere is healthy I love people around.

Have you been tongue tied in front of someone in the industry?

Oh yes, it happened to me just today. I was out shopping and I saw Dimple Kapadia in the store. I don’t even know if she knows me. I don’t assume that people know me (Laughs). I didn’t want to be that person who comes up to you and says something stupid. So, I went for the shoe rack that I was going towards and she just called out my name and said ‘Hi’. I just looked at her and was absolutely dumbfounded. I took off my glasses and just said a vulnerable ‘Hi’. She said ‘I am Akshay’s mom’, and I was like ma’am I know you for much more than that. I must have said ‘Hi’ to her at least 10 times while registering the fact that I was actually talking to her.

Your latest project, Airlift, is based on a real life episode of an Indian man’s successful evacuation plan in Kuwait. How come not many people know about how and when it happened?

When I read the script this was exactly what I asked myself, because even I didn’t know about it. And I consider myself quite aware of things that are happening around. I believe what happened was that Iraq had very good relations with India and as it was Iraq that had invaded Kuwait and in a way was responsible for the atrocity that followed, the government did not want to give any importance to it in the media. But in reality – and very few people know about this too – this evacuation episode has been registered in the Guinness Book of World Records for the highest number of people evacuated from a place in history.


I think I change with the situation and the kind of people around.

Few scenes from the movie are reminiscent of the show Homeland. Did you feel that too?

Perhaps, because I have a hijab on (Laughs). But you know, Airlift actually came to me before Homeland was even anywhere close, few months after The Lunchbox. But then I got Homeland and started working on it before the film was finalised.

You were a pretty scary bitch in Homeland as Tasneen Qureshi. We’d have loved to see her succumb to some human vulnerability. Who do you think she’d sleep with if she could?

I think it could have been Peter Quinn. And if she swung the other way, then Claire Danes. I was crushing on her the whole time anyway (Laughs). It depends on her sexual orientation… If she was straight we’d be good friends and if not then… (Laughs).

Will you ever (ever, ever) do a sexy dance number for a film or album?

Ya, absolutely! I would happily do it. It doesn’t have to be such a tentative ever, ever, ever. I’m not the kind of person to ever say ‘no I can’t do it’, because that’s a very safe and fearful approach in life when you scare yourself about the kind of things you don’t want to do. If it is not derogatory and is dealt with in a sensuous beautiful manner then why not!

I ask you this because you have a certain image…

As of now… images change overnight. People who are cast as crazy people all their life are suddenly romantic leads. It’s all about the last thing you’ve done and it’s always been like that with everyone. Mr. Bachchan had the angry Indian man image, but it doesn’t mean anything now.

Bollywood is quite a tough place. What do you do for anger management?

It takes a lot to rile me. But when I do get upset, I take a while to come out of it. I have to let it out, so I speak to someone who will give me the right perspective at that point of time.


It takes a lot to rile me. But when I do get upset, I take a while to come out of it.

You’ve been a Delhi girl all through your adolescence and growing up days. How would you define a typical Dilli girl?

I came to Delhi only after I was 12. So, I won’t call myself a Delhi girl. I’m more of an army girl as my dad was in the forces.

So, how would you describe a typical Delhi girl?

I think Delhi girls are more demure and shy. I don’t want to generalise, but I’ve observed that they are more feminine in their ways and more delicate, generally because of their upbringing.

What were your favourite hangout spots in Delhi? Please don’t say HKV.

Now yes, but at that time, NO. It used to be dusty, dirty scary and. I’m talking about 2001, 2002 and 2003 when I was in college. Back then Sarojini Nagar was a major hotspot. We used to only shop there. Janpath used to be really fun, we used to hang out there a lot. And, of course, Delhi Haat for momos, fruit beer and the aloo tikki.

You’ve been an army kid. How close to reality is the portrayal of armed forced in Bollywood movies?

Prahar and Lakshya are very close to reality, how an army life is. But army guys really can’t sing, especially while writing letters (Laughs). And they often get the ranks wrong. The most hilarious is when they decorate the uniform of an officer so much that it starts looking like a Christmas tree.

What is the craziest thing you’ve done when drunk?

Oh God, I dance like a mad man when I’m drunk! I have to be dragged off the dance floor. I’m just a different person when I’m on the dance floor. I’m the one having the most fun and then it doesn’t matter whose party I’m at or whose wedding it is, whether they’re close to me or not. I seem to be the closest to the family with the amount of fun I have. I recently gifted a shirt to someone because I tore his while dancing and he was standing in his tuxedo without a shirt. Well, he’s a friend of mine, but it got pretty embarrassing.


I think Delhi girls are more demure and shy.

Is there a phobia or fear that you’d like to conquer?

I have a fear of heights which I would really like to conquer. I get nervous even when I have to do something really simple like walk on a parapet.

Do you have a tattoo?

I have two tattoos. One is on my arm and the other one is not publically visible.

Where’s the other one?

It’s at the base of my spine. So You can’t see it unless I wear Something really low waist.

If you had to be a muse For an artist who wished to Do a nude, who would that Be and why?

  1. Picasso
  2. Michelangelo
  3. Leornado da Vinci
  4. MF Hussain
  5. Gustav Klimt

I’ve never been asked such an Incredible question. Gawwd this is Tough because I love all of them. Umm…. I would say Gustav Klimt. His women are so mesmerising! He’s the one who does all the Golden paintings right? I have a Huge fetish for gold, I love gold… Not the metal but the hint of gold. I love the way he portrays women.

What do you prefer, cars or bikes?

Cars, any day.

Are you a proud owner of a mean machine?

Oh Yes, and I love it. I don’t have a driver, so I drive it on my own. I have a beautiful blue Audi Q5 and it’s a big car so I end up tagging a lot of people along. I like to drive during the night or early morning when there’s little traffic. I’d rather drive than sit at home.

What are your favourite tracks that you listen to almost everyday?

I have these great numbers that I listen to almost everyday in the car: kygo’s firestone ft. Conrad sewell, kygo’s here for you ft. Ella henderson, selena gomez’s good for you.


I like to drive during the night or early morning when there’s little traffic.

If you were stranded on an island, who would be the five men you’d like to be accompanied with to do different things for you?

Let’s have them decide among themselves who would do what for me. Well… We must have Akshay Kumar, he’s so hot. Ryan gosling. Ummmm…

I wonder what it is with girls and ryan gosling. Almost all our cover girls have had hots for him.

Oh, is it? Ya, he’s really hot. But I can always think of other names if you’d like.

Na, let’s have him. And you could have women too. We won’t judge.

Oh that’s cool… I’d love to have ellen degeneres. And the other one would be… Amal clooney, she’s so hot! And you know what, with her george clooney has to be there. So, there you have your five people. Yeah!!! (laughs}

What do you think of when you hear the following word:
a. Makeup – pain
b. Blood – delicious (laughs)
c. Sex toy – google (I don’t know what they’re like)
d. Spanking – fun (lots of fun)
e. Thongs – a necessary evil

Pick one and give a reason:

  1. Hindi or Punjabi- Punjabi, because the swear words are more fun.
  2. Voluptuous figure or size zero- Voluptuous any day.
  3. Tarantino or Anurag Kashyap- Anurag Kashyap, becase he’s just so cool
  4. Theatre or films- Films, because there’ an immortality about them
  5. Salman Khan or Charlie Sheen- Salman Khan, because he’s Salman Khan
  6. Arranged marriage or a gay affair- Gay affair, I don’t need to answer why
  7. Game of Thrones or Homeland- Homeland, because I worked in it (Laughs)

Any interesting and sexy avatar of yours we can look forward to drooling over in the near future?

The FHM cover. (Broad smile)


Army guys really can’t sing, especially while writing letters (Laughs).


Along the Way

Have you ever kissed or almost kissed a girl?

Never happened. But I’ve been approached. One female really wanted to kiss me but I got so shy that I was like… hahaha not happening. This was in New York.

Have you ever been in a friends with benefits situation?

No, I don’t subscribe to that at all. I think friends come with their own benefits. I’m a bit old school like that.

What will you do if you’re ever caught in the act?

By whom?

Let’s say your mother.

Urghhh… I’ll say ‘Mother, I’m rehearsing a scene (Laughs). Chalo chalo dobara karke dekhein!’ And my mother is so vulnerable and so lovely that she’ll be like, “Okay beta, koi baat nahi, main chai bana ke laati hoon (Laughs).

What’s that one thing that you would never tell your mom?

That it was not a scene… that I was not rehearsing (Laughs). No, never. Mumma I’m a good girl (Laughs).

What’s your favourite cuss word?

Oh God I can’t say it. Your magazine won’t be able to publish it (Laughs). For a day-to-day thing I say ‘rubbish’ a lot for anything very stupid… and ‘what an ass’.


I think friends come with their own benefits.

G-strings, garter belts, granny panties or commando when you go to sleep?


Have you ever sexted anyone?

No, I’m not into that. I like my privacy.

What’s your take on dirty talk?

It better be smart and original otherwise it’s like a lullaby. A lot of my female friends tell me how it gets sometimes.

Do you have a crazy fan story?

Well, no crazy people who’ve written me letters in blood… But there was this really crazy guy on Twitter who kept saying that he loved my feet. He’d write things like, “In this appearance, you were wearing these shoes… You’re my goddess and I want to drink water from your feet and I want to wash them.” I used to get more freaked out because he’d put out pictures of my feet on Twitter. I mean pictures with no face and only my feet. There was nothing vulgar or anything about them, but it was damn awkward. I don’t wanna say any further. I obviously blocked him.

Have you ever made out with someone whom you never wished to make out with?

No, I never have. Unless it’s for a scene. Oh, even not for that also actually (Laughs). I’ve been pretty lucky that way. There was an independent film that I had to have a intimate scene with someone, but he was a really objective guy.

Should people be allowed to kiss in
public in India?

Ya, why not. It’s nothing criminal. There are so many other things happening in public, which are criminal. As long as you’re not coming in people’s way, it’s totally fine.



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