Helen Flanagan – Babe Of The Month

From the Rovers Return to the Australian Outback. From child star to global pin-up. From girl next door to girl of the moment, HELEN FLANAGAN is all grown up!


Age: 27

From: Greater Manchester, England

Twitter: @ helenflanagan1

Instagram: @hjgflanagan



Tea or coffee?

Coffee always.

Shaved chest or hairy chest?

I once saw a guy in the pool with a hairy back. I’ve never seen anything like it. It was horrendous!

Football or rugby?

Obviously football. Though I don’t really understand it.

Boobs or bum?

I have boobs and no bum, but I like a bum.

White or dark chocolate?

Dark chocolate.

Cockroach or beetle?

Beetle. Cockroaches are disgusting.

Champagne or vodka?

Champagne, darling!



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