Jo – Babe of the Month

Meet JO, The Pizza-Mad Make-up Artist!


Age: 23

From: Bournemouth

Occupation: Make-up artist and beauty therapist.

Most painful snowball injury: In the eye.



Pints OR Shots?

Shots, Definitely. I really like Jagerbombs.

Tea OR Coffee?

I love my tea, I drink quite a lot.

Puppies OR Kittens?

Puppies. I would really love a labrador or a chihuahua, or both – they are so cute!

Pants OR Thong?

Thong… or french knickers.

Boobs OR Bum?


Early bird OR Night owl?

I’m definitely more of a night owl. 

Guitar OR Synth?

Guitar. There’s a band called Don Broco – I was in their video recently – I like their music.



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