Daisy Pettinger – Babe of the Month

Meet the Red-Hot Redhead of Britain’s Favourite ad girl, Daisy Pettinger.


Beard or clean-shaven?


Pyjamas or birthday suit?

Pyjamas. Or a big T-shirt.

Mick Jagger or Tupac Shakur?

Mick Jagger.

Daniel Craig or Robert Pattinson?

Daniel Craig! Robert Pattinson makes me feel sick. He’s like a child.

Stay in or go out?

Stay in. I’m so boring…

Arms for legs or legs for arms?

Arms for legs.

What’s cooler, a polar bear fighting a shark or a vampire having sex?

Polar bear fighting a shark, just because vampires are shit.

Paint like Picasso or shred like Hendrix?




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