CJ Franco – Babe of the Month

Witty and quirky, CJ Franco is living her life out of a suitcase. When not on the set of some indie film, you can find her in an exotic location, like Jamaica or the Bahamas, shooting for a cosmetic brand or a leading jewellery brand.

Name: CJ Franco

Date of Birth: February 8

Grew up in: Santa Cruz, California, USA

Height: 56”

Vital Stats: 32-24-35

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Phobias: I really dont like spiders

Biggest Turn On: Getting massaged

Any Tattoos or Piercings? Where?: Just regular ear piercings

Dream Car: A classic Mustang

Favourite Romantic getaway: I think Tulum in Mexico is the most romantic place. Maybe Ill sneak into Tulum with my puppies someday.

Ideal outfit for a naughty date: Some very comfortable lingerie and a pair of warm socks

Sexual Fetish: Laying on my side on the bed… closest to the phone charger

Instagram: @itscjfranco


Rate Yourself on 10

As a girlfriend: 9/10 (I have my moments)

As a style icon: 8/10 I love dressing up and putting together funky outfits but I dont follow trends.

As a kisser: 5/10. I hate tongue…

In foreplay: 6/10 my hearts not in it

In Bed: 3/10. I am very lazy!



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