Let’s Talk About Deepfakes

From Rashmika Mandanna to Alia Bhatt, Indian celebs who have fallen victim to deepfakes controversy.

Today, we live in an advanced technology era where we can achieve anything with the help of technology. It helps us to work efficiently and on time but it has consequences as well. We all heard this once “Technology can be our best friend or our worst enemy” and that is true. Because if it gets into the wrong hands it can cause many problems in our lives. One such example of advanced technology is “Deepfakes”. It is a form of AI (Artificial Intelligence) called deep learning to create images/audio/video of fictitious or fake events. For instance, with the use of technology, one is capable of replacing the likeness of one person with another digitally.

Recently, these deepfake cases are spreading all over the internet and become the major concern of the government. Currently, the Indian celebs experienced the deepfake controversy which raised concerns about the misuse of technology. Let’s talk in detail about those celebs who have fallen victim to deepfake controversy.

Rashmika Mandanna








First time the deepfake issue was addressed was when pan-India star Rashmika Mandanna’s fake video spread online. The video showed Rashmika entering an elevator wearing a black camisole and matching shorts. The video belongs to someone else but it was convincingly morphed. That fake video spread like a fire over the internet. The actress took to Instagram and expressed her concern over this issue and said this type of content is “Scary”. After her statement, many Bollywood celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan also addressed this issue. 

Katrina Kaif








Katrina Kaif was the next to fall prey to this deepfake technology after Rashmika. This incident triggered the normal people that if this can happen to the celebs so, it can happen to anyone. Katrina’s image from one of the scenes of her recently released movie Tiger 3 has been altered. In the original photo, she was fighting with another stuntwoman in a towel. However, her digitally morphed picture, shows her wearing a low-cut top and matching shorts.

Alia Bhatt








The National Award winner, Alia Bhatt is the new prey of this deepfake controversy. Her fake video is spreading all over the internet. The video shows the girl dressed up in a floral co-ord set and doing indecent gestures in front of the camera. In the video, the girl’s face was altered with Alia Bhatt and it is so convincing. 

Other than these actors, many other celebrities experienced the misuse of the technology such as Kajol, Sara Tendulkar, etc. PM Modi also addressed this issue and expressed his concern. He assures the audience that strict action will be taken against the deepfake. This is a high-time for all of us that be aware of such things if someone morphed your photo or video file complaint against them as soon as possible and be careful what you share on the internet.

Be aware, be safe!



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