Looking For A Perfect Mascara? Read on to find out if Clinique’s High Impact Mascara genuinely adds whack to build rich and full lashes

Women just need a Cup of Coffee and a Mascara. Read on to find out if Clinique’s High Impact Mascara genuinely adds whack to build rich and full lashes!

The reason that keeps us, women, from crying is that we don’t want to waste a good mascara and ruin an alluring look. Speaking of beauty, one brand that we happen to think of is Clinique, a well-renowned brand when it comes to skincare and beauty. Earlier, the brand was in every tittle-tattle for its High Impact Mascara. Well, to be honest, we believe the fanfare it got was way too much than the product justified. Formed in 1968, Clinique is the oldest when it comes to beauty and skincare and today holds a prominent position in the market. Creating allergy-tested and fragrance-free products has been their selling point for ages. While some of its products are unbeatable and stick out a mile, its High Impact Mascara leaves us indecision.


The brand claims a lot about this product starting with, “creates lusher, plusher, bolder lashes, pure, deep color adds to the impact” to giving “lash definition draws attention to eyes.” While it does stand out for some, there are still some qualities it lacks that customers look for. One thing that can be appreciated is it doesn’t need a harsh wash and comes off easily without smudging. It has a deeply pigmented color and models your already black lashes even darker. But when it comes to curling or making your lashes look fuller, it won’t surprise you much.


There is low to zero coverage in this mascara in a single coat, to achieve voluminous lashes you will have to go in and apply at least three coats. Not every person has the same features, therefore it depends on the type of lashes of a person. Coming onto the packaging, the high-impact mascara comes with a suitable applicator. The size of Clinique products has always been petite. The High Impact Mascara comes in a single size. This mascara is an absolute pick for your lower lashes but when applied on the upper lashes can sooner or later become a clumsy mess.

If you are someone who doesn’t look for thick dramatic lashes and need mascara for everyday wear this one will just about do the job. However, keep in mind it will only last for a maximum of two hours. Remember trying and testing what works for you is the deal around here but don’t let makeup be a time of waste.