We Discovered A New Ghee Coffee Fitness Trend That Celebs Adore

  Let’s discover what’s the hype about ghee coffee among Bollywood celebs. Read on!

What if we tell you that you can add a spoonful of ghee or butter to your daily dose of caffeine? You’re wondering why we recommend you take fat when you are trying to lose some. So, fellas, ghee coffee is the ultimate fitness trend that is popularised by B-town celebs. We have seen many celebrities having their dose of energy, including Rakul Preet Singh, Bhumi Pednekar, and Siddharth Malhotra. They shared their secret recipe (not-so-secret-anymore) on public platforms which helped them to maintain their physique and has touted health benefits. If you’re still not convinced then stop thinking too much and let’s dig into the current fitness craze of celebs and what its benefits are.







Many people need a cup of coffee that drives their weekday blues away. However, adding a spoonful of ghee will boost your energy to kickstart your day. But why ghee? Because it contains short-chain fatty acid which is a healthy fat that keeps you fuller for a longer time and supports faster metabolism. When you consume ghee with hot coffee, it slows the absorption of caffeine. This prevents the usual caffeine kick and provides a steady flow of energy throughout the day. 






Many fitness enthusiasts believe that it’s a mug of nutrient-packed brews which has a positive impact on our digestive system and heart. The golden liquid stimulates better gastrointestinal health and becomes a symbol of health in Tinsel Town as it plays a vital role in promoting weight loss. Not only for weight loss, it contributes to radiant skin and glossy hair. The fats that are present in ghee are believed to nourish the skin from within, giving you an ethereal glow. 

Bhakshak star, Bhumi Pednekar has always been an inspiration for wellness beginners. The actress made headlines for her massive weight loss transformation. She took to Instagram and shared with her fans that bullet coffee plays an important role in her journey. She consumed it daily for energy and good gut health.  Not only divas but a few male actors are also big fans of this golden liquid. Nation’s Kukkad Kamal da aka Siddharth Malhotra, recently revealed his fitness routine. The actor starts his day with a cup of coffee with a bit of additional fat in it. 

So, folks, take cues from celebs and make some significant changes in your routine to make your morning more productive and healthy.



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