Fat To Fit: Take Some Inspiration From Celebs To Get Fit

Do you want to get fit but can’t find inspiration? Well, you’ve reached the right article. Check out those celebs who went from fat to fit.

In the realm of the entertainment industry– where dreams are woven with the fabric of filmy fantasies- they have only been given the chance to touch the stars who believe in themselves. Besides exceptional acting skills to enter this kaleidoscopic world, a person must maintain a great body. Several celebrities shed their cocoon of obesity to transform into radiant butterflies of fitness and resilience to achieve their dreams. Their weight-loss journey has been an inspiration for everyone.

If they can do it, why don’t you? As it said, if people set their heart on something, they’ll be able to achieve it. In this article, we will discuss a few celebs and their drastic weight-loss transformation which have been an inspiration for us. From curvaceous charmer to the epitome of fitness their weight-loss journey has been nothing short of a blockbuster movie.  If you are also facing the same issue with weight then, you can take some inspiration from these celebs. Apart from this, we will also give a few tips to start your journey from fat to fit.

Let’s have a look:

Sara Ali Khan







How could it be possible, if we talk about fitness goals and not mention Sara Ali Khan? The actress never hesitates to talk about her weight-loss journey. Before entering Bollywood, Sara Ali Khan used to weigh 96 kg. When she decided to become an actor, she told her mother about her dream, her mother’s first suggestion to the actress was to lose weight. The actress who used to inhale pizza like popcorn cut off the fast food from her life. She opted dosa, Idli or egg whites with toast for breakfast and relied on home-cooked food or a high-protein diet during her weight-loss journey. Workouts such as Pilates, cardio, weight training, and yoga play a major role in her achieving that eye-catching physique.

Arjun Kapoor







Not only our Bollywood ladies who struggle with weight problems, but, many male actors have also faced the same issue. Ishqzaade fame Arjun Kapoor gave us major fitness goals by cutting off major chunks of his weight. Once the actor used to weigh 130 kilos before being signed for the Ishqzaade by Aditya Chopra. He lost around 50 kgs in fourteen months. Arjun Kapoor was on a strict diet of 1200-1500 kcal. His diet consisted of egg porridge, and oats for breakfast. He ate vegan protein for snacks, and chicken & vegetables for dinner. He devotedly worked on himself to become fat to fit.

Bhumi Pednekar







Bhumi Pednekar’s weight-loss transformation is the talk of the town. The actress gained a lot of appreciation for beautifully portraying an overweight wife’s role in Dum Laga Ke Haisha. The actress used to weigh 89 kg and lost 32 kg in less than a year. She proudly flaunts her body because she did this without pills, surgery, or any other treatment. The actress completely relied on workouts and a good diet. Bhumi religiously cut off the outside and processed food for six months. She controlled her carbohydrate intake too and ate only home-cooked meals such as roti, sabzi, dal, etc. She also took warm or detox water after waking up in the morning. For snacks, she ate almonds and walnuts with green tea. In dinner, grilled chicken or fish with a lil bit of brown rice. Also sometimes, she took tofu, paneer, or boiled vegetables. 

So folks! It’s a cue for you to start your fitness journey right at this moment. Be healthy & fit.



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