Two Wheels, One Engine, Zero Limit!

There is nothing a bike ride cannot fix and therefore we have brought to you electric motorcycles by these well known brands to purchase now. Read on!

Lithium-ion battery technology is the new deal in the torque industry. The one thing to absolutely adore about electric bikes is their ability to combine pedal power with motor power and that’s one reason why you need to shift to electric bikes, today. Biker lovers already noticed the difference and the excitement level that increases with electric bikes. There are some well-established manufacturers solely producing electric bikes and working towards introducing new technologies. The last two years have marked growth in the market for these bikes but people are still wondering and feel overwhelmed with the choices these days. Ebikes have futuristic designs and features that you can’t ignore. Big luxury brands like Lightning, Harley, Horwin, Damon, Arc and many more have come up with their electric bikes that are best in some or the other categories. Well, we made it completely easy for you and have listed down the best electric bikes for everyone, from looks, best for commuting, for tech lovers to budget-friendly, we have covered it all. What are you waiting for, read on! 

1. Super Soco TC

Who doesn’t like a bit of vintage feel? We have the ideal retro-styled bike with modern technology to satisfy all your needs. It gives around 60mph power with 12.9Nm of torque despite being super lightweight, weighing 79kgs. The round-shaped headlights and classic design are what attract the eyes at first. By reaching 75 km/h is powered by an ATL 60V 32AH battery that takes about 3 hours to fully charge and give a desired comfortable ride. The LCD digital screen in front of the rider is clear and easily readable. The tiers in this one are typically bigger which ensures high drivability throughout the journey.

approx 1,40,000

2. Horwin CR6

This Austrian electric motorbike company has always been a trusted brand when it comes to choosing bikes for all torque lovers. This time around Horwin CR6 is a retro-styled electric bike with all present-day technologies. This bike offers a range of up to 120 kilometers and charges from 0-80% in just 3 hours, holding a battery of 55Ah. Another feature to love about this one is, it’s more silent or rather makes zero sound than other electric bikes by the well-established manufacturer. With the field-oriented system, the 6.2 kW engine controls the noise output. The equipment includes a fuel tank, USB port to charge gadgets on the move, a standard alarm that makes a cheery tune when the bike is turned on. By giving 54mph this lightweight model and easy to ride.

approx 6,00,000

3. Lightning Strike

Lightning as a brand has always focused on its electric bikes. This particular electric bike by the company comes in three different battery sizes, 10kWh, 15kWh, and 20kWh. With the weight of 455 lbs, this is slightly on the heavy side but with the top speed of 150 mph, peak torque 186 ft/lb drive unit, and stunning looks, this becomes a desired bike by all speed lovers. The brand claims Strike is by far the most “aerodynamically efficient” electric bike in the market today. This one has a sporty riding position and gives an ornate feel to the person who drives it. The features of handlebars and foot-pegs are proven to deliver a comfortable ride to the customers. This one also considers the needs of daily commuters and hence has made it friendly for them.

approx 9,00,000


This California-based manufacturer claims the SR/F to be, “future of motorcycling” and we agree with the brand. It is the world’s first fully ‘smart’ motorcycle and provides critical information to the rider anytime, anywhere. To get into technical specifications, this superbike offers a top speed of 124mph and takes around 80 minutes to charge fully, and provides a peak torque of 140 ft-lb. The brand claims the SR/F Premium with Rapid Charge is quicker than most smartphones. The use of Cypher III gives a luxurious riding experience and the connectivity feature allows the rider to monitor four areas: Bike status and alerts, Charging, Ride Data Sharing, System Upgrade, and Updates. It is overall an adaptable motorcycle that gives the best value. 

approx 15,00,000

5. Damon Hypersport

Damon motorcycles’ last year was the talk of the town, the Hypersport Premium a limited-edition electric bike by the brand has the heart of many and speed lovers are looking forward to getting their hands on this one too. With exciting features such as a 360-degree safety net, CoPilot system, and the swift shift system that adjusts the rider in a comfortable position. This beast provides a blistering speed of 200 miles per hour and shifts from 0-60 in just three seconds. With the 20kWH battery, the Hypersport, “amplifies the future of motorcycling.” The price point can be unreasonable for some but since it’s a limited edition and with great features, it is worth what you pay for it. Talking about the looks, this e-bike is here to make you shine while riding.

approx 18,00,000

6.  Harley Davidson LiveWire

The brand has always given the best possible experience on the road with its exemplary bikes. This time with LiveWire the brand has combined great acceleration with modern and sophisticated technology. With features such as the Ride modes that control the performance and the level of Reflex™ Defensive Rider Systems (RDRS) intervention is what we need in the upcoming season. The designers while designing this beauty have done a great job and kept it neat without any cables or hoses. The motor in this bike produces 105hp and 116 Nm of torque. It travels up to13 miles with each hour of charging and takes about 60 minutes to reach from 0-100% with the DC Fast Charger. The performance of this one is top-notch with exquisite features and is overall the best electric bike. 

approx 50,00,000

7. Arc Vector

The British electronic motorcycle manufacturer with a team of groundbreaking designers developed Vector with exotic material and innovative technologies that the brand claims “have never been applied to two-wheeled transport before.”This bike weighs 220kg and delivers a top speed limited to 200kmph is the game-changer. This electronic bike displays its speed, navigation, and range in front of the rider. Another fascinating feature to look upon is its rear-facing built camera. Attention has been given to each detail. It takes about 40 minutes to fully charge which is absolutely not bad considering the range it covers. For all those who are convinced to order, well you should know this exciting information the package comes with, “the bike, the helmet, and the jacket all being tailored to fit the customer, with a choice of colors, materials, and optional design features.” It is the best premium bike to get your hands on!

approx 82,00,000


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