Tracing the Valiant Trails of 2021

This Year Has Been Bliss for All the Motor Enthusiasts. While You Re-Fuel Your Fuel Tanks, Take A Look at The Top 10 Best Bikes of 2021

The vroom-vroom loud revs of 2021 have finally come to a halt with the last year of 2021 kicking in. 2021 has been a great year for the automotive industry. People realised that how much important life is and you live only once. This realisation has not only opened the doors for the industry but has also made them explore and live their passion to the fullest.

I mean, what more can we be thankful for? People gearing up for the long rides and engines roaring the sigh of happiness is a blissful sight in itself. 2021 saw a rapid growth in the world of motorbikes alone. Compared to 2020, the industry saw an overall growth of 37-40% in 2021 and was considered the hottest in 20 years.

Motorbikes have been someone’s passion, someone’s need, or someone’s dedication. Be it any kind of scenario, they have never betrayed us. As 2021’s long ride is coming to the final destination, we have bought some mind-bogglingly amazing bikes from categories and from all price ranges that made your ride lovely like Bonnie and Clyde. Check them out!

1) MTT Y2K Superbike

Not a bike for the regular highways but surely a bike that can make you fly high in many ways. MTT Y2K is a superbike that is made for people thriving on speed. End your year with the speedy flashes of this Y2K based turbine superbike.

A turboshaft engine is powering this beast and MTT in her name refers to Marine Turbine Technologies; the American made brand that manufactured this bike. What’s so special about this? Well, your MTT Y2K will be customised by hand as per your liking and will be made as fast as you require. It is also a record holder of the world’s most expensive production bike ever to be produced.


2) Kawasaki Ninja H2R

How can we not talk about the sensei himself when we are talking about superbikes? Kawasaki is known for producing some of the world’s best bikes. From manufacturing four-stroke engines from small production cars, this Japanese tycoon now produces the World’s Fastest Bike to date.

With its 998CC Supercharged Four-Stroke Engine, this beast can go from 0 to 100Km/h in just 2.5 seconds. While the R version of the H2 series is not street legal and can be driven only on the destined tracks, the H2 and SX version can be driven on road with slightly less power.


3) MV Augusta 800RR

Giving a very aggressive look, MV Agusta advertises being a rebel. The exterior features an all-aluminium design and graphics are engulfed all around the body. The weight of MV Agusta 800RR is also something to talk about, standing at 168Kgs it is one of the lightest superbikes out there.

It comes in 3 models- Dragster 800RR, Dragster 800 RR America and the Dragster 800RR Pirelli edition. Pirelli and American models are the special editions with some minor graphic modifications. Overall, this bike is perfect for people who prefer an aggressive muscular look.


4) Ducati Multistrada 1260 Enduro

Enduro in the name is specifically made for all the travellers out there. The whole exterior is designed to give a hippie look to the bike. With high ground clearance and electronic suspension, it is made for adventure. 

With a 1262CC Liquid-Cooled Engine and a power of 157 Horses, there is no road that this Multistrada can travel. The bike comes right in between the cruising and adventure category. With a whopping 30L fuel tank and a pretty sturdy suspension, it can go miles without many hiccups.


5) Aprilia RS 660 

Seeing the design and outer body of RS 660 will remind you of the iconic RSV4 1000 by Aprilia. LED lights engulf the body and a fully digital console can be seen upfront. RS 660 also features 5 riding modes according to the surface you are riding on. 

Onboard goes the 659CC Engine which gives It the spot of a good daily driver with a bit of a speed added to it. A Sporty look is an added bonus when it comes to the quirks and features of this bike. Overall, a decent and power-packed superbike that will definitely enhance your riding experience.


6) ARC Vector 

Remember the 2010 Thriller Tron: Legacy? Well, the bike featured on the movie created history. Guess, that movie saw the initial blueprints of the ARC Vector. Hands down this vector is one of the most stunning bikes of the year 2021. I mean come one this is the closest we can get to Tron this year.

Not only does it look modern, but also feels modern with an 399V Electric Motor inside. It generally takes about 40-50 mins to charge fully and can go a whooping 436Kms in a single charge. Not special enough yet? Then be ready to be One-of-a-kind because only 399 Arc Vector’s are manufactured as this is a limited edition. Going 0-100Km/h in just 2.7 seconds, it is also one of the fastest out there.


7) Royal Enfield Meteor 350

Directly coming from the oldest motorcycle brand that is still in production, the Meteor 350 is a bliss for people who are trying to get their feet in the world of motorcycles. You can call it an ‘Entry Level Bike’ but it is damn good at it.

With a single-cylinder 349CC air-cooled SOHC engine, this is a very capable bike. By adding ‘Entry-level’ with its title, do not underestimate its quirks and features. Looking like Harley Davidson’s Street in the first glance, it features an All-Matt paintjob with a minimalistic yet elegant design. Not only this, but it has already won Two-Wheeler of the year and IMOTY 2021 Award.


8) Triumph Trident 660

The largest motorbike manufacturer of the United Kingdom, Triumph Motors is best known for the Street Twin and amazingly the sales index represented females getting inclined to buy this more often. The trident 660 is quite a good competitor to the Aprilia RS 660 that is already in the list.

It falls right in the sweet spot with those naked body looks and roaring 14 Litres 660CC engine. Generally, in this price bracket Yamaha 07, Honda CBR, and Kawasaki’s fight for the first position and considered the best starter bike. But this underrated beast can make your day not only faster but also chic.


9) Harley Davidson Pan America 1250

One of the best in game when it comes to durability and the bike’s life, Harley’s are made to last an eternity. There is quite a high probability of bumping into one when you are out and about to find a cruiser.

As surprising as it may sound, Harley Davidson has not yet set its foot in the field of adventure. Not much of an adventure lover, I guess. But now the dawn’s dwelling and here come the Pan America 1250, with its huge 1252CC V-Twin, Liquid Cooled DOHC engine. It combines the reliability of the Harley and the lightweight of an adventure bike and gives us an ADV worth our attention for sure.


10) Suzuki Hayabusa

How can we not mention the Hayabusa when we are talking about superbikes? What makes this bike super you may ask? It’s speed. Suzuki is a Japanese-master that produces master-pieces every now and then. Hayabusa is also one of those masterpieces.

Literally meaning falcon in Japanese, Hayabusa might make you fly high in the sky while it reaches the top speeds of up to 248MPH. Right after its release in 1999 it became the world’s fastest production bike. Not much has changed in its journey from the fastest to one of the fastest but the fan base for this piece of art is just on another level altogether.



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