Your 2021 Snaps Might Be from Japan

Cameras for Photographers Are Like What Canvases for Painters. Now You Don’t Want Your Canvases Dirty Right? Well, Then Check These Out!

“When I have a camera in my hand, I know no fear” once said Alfred Eisenstaedt, a popular WWII photographer and journalist. Capturing photographs is no less than art. An art that could be perceived by only you and your audience.

To encapsulate your vision in a single frame is something that we all cannot do. Even if we do it, making other people connect with that same energy is quite an art to master. Well, photography has been here since the invention of the camera.

The commercialisation of the camera has enabled us to capture moments, memories, and emotions. In today’s era, we all are quite familiar with cameras, be it on the back of your smartphone or be it adorning the front of a camera lens, it has become quite a success.

As the success of lenses takes over this world, the month of December crams a quite prominent gap. This year we saw some spectacular cameras and some of the previous generations that had already won our hearts were also seen to be ruling the reigns of 2021. We have got some cameras that were the kings and queens of the lenses because, without them, the kingdom couldn’t go on!

Fujifilm XT-4

Coming straight from the Japanese house of beautiful lenses, Fujifilm dates back to the era of camera rolls and photographic papers. XT-4 is undoubtedly one of the most underrated and all-rounder cameras of all time and is much better than its predecessor XT-3. It’s a brilliant APS-C camera with outstanding autofocus. Consider this if you are into retro-looking cameras with amazing auto bokeh effects.


Canon EOS R-6

When talking about photography, one of the names that we all are familiar with is the Japanese conglomerate Canon. EOS is the most popular series of the brand and the RS6 steals the cake. While there is R5 too which performs a bit better but R6 is the most value for money with a full-frame sensor. RS6 is capable of recording videos up to 4K at 60 FPS with a quite professional level of auto-focus and a cutting-edge contemporary design. Consider this if you love the brand value of Canon and need something to justify your buck.


Sony Alpha 7R IV

There is no field left for Sony to explore. Founded in 1946, Sony is not only a leading class Japanese made gaming console manufacturer but also a ‘Shujin’ when it comes to photography. With 7R IV in the house, it is the perfect camera for landscape photography. Landscape photography is something quite a lot of people crave for. The beauty of our planet is something never-ending and quite versatile, with 61 Megapixels, it can capture quite a lot of details. Consider this if you are a landscape fanatic and like good ergonomics and a pretty viewfinder.


Nikon Z7 II

Japan really took the whole treatment with itself as another Japanese photography legend on the list is Nikon. With the ‘D’ series, Nikon is most popularly known for its image quality at all focal lengths. With a rather new series, Z7 II is the second addition to the Z7 released in 2018. Year after year it is observed that people who love Nikon always uses Nikon. They have a hugely loyal fanbase which is quite impressive, to be honest. This Z7 IInd, with its 45.7 Megapixels lens is the perfect choice for landscape photography lovers. Consider this if you are a diehard fan of Nikon and prioritise image processing over anything.


Olympus Mark IV 

A renowned Optics manufacturer with more than 70% of the global endoscope market share, Olympus is also a big name to live up to its value. But Mark IV exactly does that. With a 20.3 Megapixels Micro Four Third imaging sensor, it’s quite a deal when it comes to photography. A 3-inch touchscreen compliments the back of the camera and the 4K recording capabilities at 30 FPS glimmers like the cherry on top. Consider this one if you are a beginner and trying to set your foot in this industry because with a great quality it also offers great image stabilisation.


Panasonic Lumix S5

From Blu-Ray DVD players to Earphones and audio accessories, Panasonic has tasted everything from the electronics industry. When talking about the biggest electronic manufacturers of the 20th century, Panasonic is one to top our list. Lumix series of Panasonic refers to portable digital cameras, not a professional camera but still a great buy. S5 is a mirrorless camera with a full-frame sensor and 4K shooting at 60 FPS capabilities onboard. Consider this if you do like compact cameras and do not have one for sports photography.


Pentax K-1 II 

Pentax is quite a lesser travelled road when it comes to photography. But with again Japan on board, there is no lesser travelled road. Pentax goes neck-to-neck with giants like Nikon and Canon in the market and sometimes the specs are that impressive that beat these giants too. The K-1 II is one of the best cameras that Pentax has to offer with features like built-in GPS, 5-axis image stabilisation, Astro tracer, and night photography sensor. Consider this one if you are someone seeking to switch from APS-C cameras to Full-frame ones and need something reliable.



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