Do Winters Make Your Dog Lethargic Too? These Tips Will Help You Like A Wizard’s Magic wand!

Winters For Your Dogs Can Be As Lazy As They Are For You, Protect Those Speechless Being From Winters By Following These Tips

“Dogs are not our whole lives but they make our lives whole” once quoted Roger A. Caras, an American wildlife photographer. Dogs are the best things that have happened to humans. The affection and trust another living being can give to the other without expecting anything in return is an example that dogs top.

Many people do consider dogs as the perfect pet as they can take care of your family and loved ones pretty neatly. Dogs can even risk their lives without even thinking twice if they sense danger around.

As sweet as they are, we also need to take care of them if we decide to bring them to our houses as pets. From their diet to their health, everything becomes our responsibility. As you may have noticed the sudden in weather, dogs feel these chilly breezes too. What to do to protect them? Well, that’s exactly what we are here for.

Keeping Them Indoors

Your pet might just don’t like it but sometimes you just have to do what is right. The temperature outside might be freezing cold and that dog would still insist you to take him out. But don’t fall for that cute face.

If your dog is being really grumpy, you can walk him indoors only but the temperature outside could expose them to immense cold and they might shiver, or worse, they can catch a cold too.

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Say No to Heaters

Heaters are like the air conditioners of summers, you just cannot relax without turning that switch on. Although heaters might be good for providing warmth to human beings, they can make things worse for dogs.

Room heaters are generally exposed and the heating rods change color according to the rising temperature, your dog might don’t know that and could engage with the heaters which could land your dog in the hospital.

They naturally too have thick layers of furs covering their skin and room temperature might just be the perfect one for them, room heaters might make them excessively hot which is not advisable.

Don’t Cut the Fur

As we all know, a dog’s fur is like its clothes, they provide them warmth and protect their skin from injuries and infections. While some people understand that, some go on the way to trim and shave their natural furs in winters.

While you may feel that everything’s alright, trust me, everything’s not. Because of that fur only, they are able to survive in cold temperatures. Removing them would be like you standing naked in a street on a cold night. Now, would you like that? No, Right? Well, that’s exactly what dogs feel like.

Boots and Coats Might Just Save Them

Dogs are just like humans, they feel the same amount of cold that we do. Some dogs are hereditarily born with less fur and coating or sometimes the dogs might just be sick. At that point, it is our utmost duty to keep them warm.

There are ample options available in the market that might help you in the long run. The external body wears like coats, jackets, and windproof apparel can not only make them feel warm but also protect them from excessive dust.

Boots are also an amazing option when we talk about external wear. Although it might take some time for your dog to adjust with the boots once they do it, there’s no going back, they might save them from winter cracks and winter frosts.

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Water is The Worst Enemy

Winters can be the season in which you just might want them to be stinky. Don’t clean your dog regularly from water as it can make them catch a cold. The skin can develop flaky patches and could be itchy.

Water not only makes them feel the cold but deteriorates them of the natural oils that keep their skin moisturized and warm. It can create an everlasting problem which does not only makes them naturally deprived but also could be the welcome mat for oncoming infections and ticks.

Monitoring The Food Intake

As winters make every human lazy and rigid, dogs also become lazy and want more sleep than usual. Now you don’t want your dog to be overweight in the season because being overweight does more damage than anything else.

You should limit the food intake and monitor closely what they are eating and how much calorie intake is taking place. This method will not only help in winters but also will be beneficial for the long run

Dogs might just want to hibernate and exercise less in this season but take be soft on them. You should keep them hydrated enough and monitoring these excessive calories might just work like magic.



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