Top 5 Best Skin Care Tips For Men

Men it is time to level-up your skin care routine. Checkout this simple guide to take care of your skin and impress your girl.

A Guy with a good skin routine is always seen as charismatic. Men with their big eyelashes have been noticed. Believe it or not but hygienic and clear skin men do grab the attention of a woman. Though a focus on skin care does create a good impression, it also keeps your skin healthy, fresh and clean for the day. When your skin feels good then you feel good

A human has a variety of skin types and deals with their own skin problems and needs individual solutions according to the skin. As per (AAD) American Academy of Dermatologist discovered five skin types, which a man should consider and identify for their skin care:

Combination Skin

  • Dry Skin (These skin type reveals themselves with itchy, flaky and rough skin)
  • Oily Skin (oily skin is found to be greasy and it raises skin care concerns)
  • Normal Skin (This skin type is known to be normal and does not require sensitive care)
  • Sensitive Skin (This skin is so sensitive that after using products it burns and creates higher skin damages)

Here are some skin care routines to avoid skin concerns for later period:

1 Sunscreen is must

Men Skin Care

Be aware of these skin care tips before your too late in your 30s.

The best thing about sunscreen, they will never affect your skin regardless of your skin type. Though it is important to have sunscreen, it is essential to apply 30 minutes prior to going outside. Men should consider applying after 2 hours of sun exposure, through this will reduce your skin risk and overall protect from UV exposure. The longer the habit of applying sunscreen stays your skin will be healthier in your 30s, 40s, 50s.

2 Serum fills up Nutrients

Men Skin Care

Serum have some hidden benefits that you must explore.

Did you think serums are only for women? Well, here are some benefits you are missing out on. Serum works as an anti-aging tip for you, you can reverse looking older with the right serum. Though it is not considered to be essential, it is the easiest way to keep your eyes healthy and your skin smoother. If you deal with aging and fines, the serum improves your skin’s appearance and it works as a plus point for dry skin types as it has hyaluronic acid, which keeps the skin moisturized always.

3 Choose best Toner

Men Skin Care

Toner, for men? find out this unknown hack to treat your skin well.

Have you heard about imbalance of PH levels or exfoliate? know the reason why you must add a toner in your skin care routine. Though having a basic skin routine does not help your skin, it requires the best skin products according to your skin requirements. Toners are essential, exfoliate is known to be a technique which removes the dead cells from your skin and it makes your skin smoother and healthier. Toner helps in hydrating your skin and reduces pores, if your skin is oily do consider Toner as a tip, for healthier skin. 

4 Stay hydrated

Men Skin Care

Want to avoid pimples, bumps in your skin? try this skin care tip.

Keeping your skin hydrating is essential not just for men but for all human beings. It becomes necessary because sebaceous glands tend to make men’s skin more oily and greasy which leads to pimples, bumps, dirt and damage to normal skin. Your skin is your priority, it is essential to wash your face twice a day. Drink as much as water during breaks, for your long-term healthier and smoother skin.

5 Skin care check-up

Men Skin Care

Dermatologists skin check-up are essential for a healthy skin.

Your skin problems and concerns might not affect you much at this period but it has the possibility of leading you to serious conditions such as skin cancer. That is where Skin check-up from the dermatologists becomes essential. Men who have a generational or personal history of skin cancer should consider dermatologists 3-4 months in a year. Signs such as wart growths, red patch, change of color, shape of a mole should not be avoided, but taken into serious consideration. It’s important to consider signs from skin.



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