Monsoon Special: Simple Skin Care Tips That You Need in the Rainy Season

This monsoon makes your skin more flawless and beautiful by following some basic skin care tips. Read Inside

Who does not like the monsoon? And now, finally, the monsoon has knocked on the door of the whole country. It comes as a huge relief after the scorching and unbearable weather of the summer. There is no doubt that the monsoon season is the most popular and loved season for everyone. But it also brings some skin issues that a man or woman can’t bear. In the monsoon, humidity increases, which makes your skin look dull, and you start missing the glow of your face.

In this situation, you can do one thing that can keep your skin looking fresh and glowing. The best way to deal with different types of skin issues that occur in the monsoon is to start some skin care according to the weather outside. Following a proper skincare routine for the monsoon is especially vital for acne-prone skin and for those who have oily skin, as in this season your skin starts producing excess sebum, which is tough to control.

Let’s find out some skin care tips that you can easily follow in this rainy season:

Drink lots of water






There are no two opinions about how beneficial water is for our body and, in the same way, for our skin as well. Drinking plenty of water leads to a reduction in pimples and acne, and it also makes your skin glow and feel fresh.

Don’t overwash your face; use a soap-free cleanser






Yes, in the rainy season, you feel excessive oil and greasiness on your face, but it doesn’t mean that you will start to overwash your face; it leads to the overproduction of sebum, which causes problems like breakouts and clogged pores, which you don’t want for your face.

You need to just wash your face 2-3 times a day to remove the oil and dirt from your skin. And, in the rainy season, try to use a cleanser that is soap-free and mild in nature. Soap-free cleansers are for all skin types.

Go with minimal makeup






Like the summer season, it is advisable to have minimal makeup in the monsoon too. If you use heavy makeup, first it will not stay for a longer time, and second, it will block your pores, leaving no place for your skin to take a breath.

You can easily opt for CC Creams, which give a makeup-finish look without applying any makeup to your face. It also helps your skin breathe. For your lips, go with tinted lipsticks, which nourish your lips and keep them hydrated. If possible, you can replace it with lip balm.

Don’t forget to exfoliate and moisturize your skin






One of the most crucial aspects of skin care is exfoliation. When you exfoliate your skin, you remove dirt and dead skin cells and improve blood circulation in your face. You need to do exfoliation at least once a week so your skin can look soft, glowing, and healthy.

But try to avoid excessive scrubbing. Excessive scrubbing can lead to an increase in acne. After exfoliation, moisturize your skin with a lightweight moisturizer and leave it on your face to get absorbed into your skin.

Add Vitamin C, Toner, and sunscreen






Vitamin C is beneficial for both your health and your skin. Either you can go with the fruits that have Vitamin C or you can also opt for the Vitamin C face serum, which helps to remove blemishes and acne marks from your skin.

Toner has the ability to minimize greasiness and eliminate dirt from your skin. You must use toners that are alcohol-free or glycolic acid-free. As a toner, you can also opt for icing, which reduces oil production on your face.

Mask Your Face with clay.






Especially if you have oily skin, you should go with a clay mask, as a clay mask has the best ability to remove excess oil. And, in the monsoon, if you want to keep your skin away from acne and breakouts, you must apply a clay mask to your face at least once a week.




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