Dating tips: How To Spice Up A Bland Relationship

“We have lost the spark” do not stressed, we got you covered. These dating tips will spice up your relationship, get ready to explore!

Here is the simplest way to understand how a relationship works! You do not have to be a pro-relationship guru, to make everything right for her. At the start of the relationship “love at first sight” works and in the initial days it can be feel as a fresh relationship. The problem occurs when both partners are no longer interested, excited or looking for a new spark?

In your relationship, if you find yourself stuck in the same bland or boring circle, here are some ways to make her giggle again. Sometimes a relationship becomes dull not because you are dull in bed but it is you lack creativity and genuine efforts that are necessary to keep up the spark. Just because your relationship is no longer as interesting as the initial stage, it does have to stay boring. Have a look at these dating tips to revive that spark again.

  •  Pick couple hobbies
Dating Tips

Have you ever heard about Couple cooking as a hobby?

“Set the mood” not just with looks but with these fun activities. Man, it’s time to set your partner’s mood and heat up your surroundings. You can try creative hobbies such as skateboarding, painting or cooking, do it with your partner. In cooking, you do not have to be a food lover or good chef in order to enjoy this activity. Just play along with your food and who knows this activity might boost your relationship and spice up your intimacy.

  • Write love letters
Dating Tips

Writing love letter to your partner, can be a way to spice up your relationship.

Vintage lovers or Bridgeton series taught the actual value of love letters. One of the ways you can make your girl giggle is by writing her an actual love letter, it is one of the best ways to express love and revive some beautiful moments that you have spent together.

These are “love letters” so do not be formal but be naughty, funny, witty and even if you feel like expressing your wildest fantasy, go ahead! Wildest fantasy does excite the environment and relationship. If your spouse/partner prefers affirmations as their love language, then no doubt this will spark up your relationship again.

  •  Physical touch for emotional pleasure
Dating Tips

You can still spice up your intimacy time, with these tips.

Yes, sex is not everything in a relationship, it is a part of relationship which explores emotional pleasure. According to Harvard Health, through touch, physical intimacy it releases oxytocin and guess what this called, love hormone. Every relationship should explore ways to spice up their sex-life through innovative sex-positions, sex-toys, massages and yoga positions which keep you both intimate and emotional pleasure alive. The point is not to try everything but what your partner feels excited, comfortable to explore that depth of emotional pleasure, matters.

  •  PDA is not a crime!
Dating Tips

Let’s talk about benefits in a relationship through PDA.

Cuddling and snuggling at the airport or public places is not a crime. Who said you cannot be affectionate in public places. Go ahead! if you find yourself top-of the world, when your spouse countless times kisses or hugs you. It’s your call to take and your comfort, it’s your own choices. Expressing love to your partner in public places, make your partner feel loved, consider dropping the mindset of PDA as a crime.



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