5 International Destinations You Can Visit in August During The Long Weekend

For travelers who simply want to relax and have a fun time, especially Indians, international destinations have become the go-to locations

Long weekends offer the ideal chance to unwind and take a break from the daily stress of work. August only has one of those long weekends, but if you plan ahead, this one may be very long. There are many foreign locations that may have crossed your thoughts, but this post will focus specifically on what you need. In addition to discussing some of the most stunning and alluring tourist spots in the world, we also discussed several lesser-known locations that provide incredible sights. We have chosen a variety of locations for you to explore, as well as sites you may visit. Some of these locations also offer some fun things to do, which might make your vacation worthwhile. Let’s look at the list of overseas locations you may travel to in August for the long weekend without further hesitation.


Vietnam is also one of the hidden gems that tourists can think of visiting

1) Dubai

Due to its abundance of attractions and ability to accommodate a variety of needs, Dubai is one of the most popular tourist destinations. For your shopping requirements, it offers top-notch malls that house practically all of the luxury brands. It is known for having the Burj Khalifa, the tallest structure in the world, which is a must-see. The desert safari is another of the most popular tourist attractions since it offers a completely unique experience. Dubai has a lot to offer in terms of nightlife, and it provides the ideal setting for a crazy experience that is still safe. Numerous skilled DJs call Dubai home, and the city frequently welcomes the most well-known DJs from across the world. Since Friday and Saturday are regarded as the weekend in the Gulf area, the club scene here begins on Thursday. On Friday, though, expect fairly lengthy long waiting times.


Dubai’s nightlife and tourist attractions make it a more popular travel destination 

2) Mauritius 

Mauritius is also one of the top destinations for tourists who are planning a small holiday outside the country. For couples on a honeymoon, it is the perfect location. Beaches and leading resorts are present, which encourages luxury tourism to the area. Diverse travelers have a wide range of aquatic activities to choose from, including swimming with dolphins and scuba diving. Although Mauritius isn’t an inexpensive vacation spot, it does provide options for all price ranges. Traveling by bus, staying in inexpensive lodging, and purchasing food at local markets and stores will all help you save money, but most visitors to Mauritius end up spending more. Lunch outside is more affordable since hotel restaurants frequently provide food at pricing similar to those in the West. You should also think of beverages, transportation, and day trips. 



An island republic in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is well-known for its beaches, lagoons, and reefs.

3) Jordan

One of the hidden gem locations that travelers frequently overlook is Jordan. One of the friendliest and safest nations in the world is this one. It features a wide variety of attractions, from beaches to historic sites. Some people might not even be aware that Jordan is home to the Petra Caves, one of the seven wonders of the world. The months of spring and autumn are ideal for visiting Petra since the weather is pleasant during the day and chilly at night. It’s lovely to explore Petra’s caves in this weather, and it’s not too hot to go trekking nearby.  It also includes a dead sea with sections where you may unwind, however some locals and visitors choose to take a bath in the water with lotion and face masks. Bathers may effortlessly float on the Dead Sea’s surface due to the water’s high salt content and rich mineral composition. Aqaba, a city in Jordan, is also a must-visit since it offers all the same nightlife and beach features as Goa, but on a global scale.


This hidden-gem also provides amazing lebanese food as part of it’s street food

4) Maldives

One of the most popular and well-known travel destinations worldwide is the Maldives. It is also one of the most costly travel locations, but if money is spent well, it may be worth it. August is a genuinely tropical month with intense downpours and warm, humid temperatures. The Maldives’ brief and nighttime rainstorms allow for plenty of sunshine during the day. Dive on the Banana Reef, a well-known diving location that is so breathtaking that words cannot do it justice. Numerous water creatures, such as grouper, barracuda, moray eels, jackfish, snapper, and a few others you didn’t even know existed, are there, along with vibrant corals. You may also go to some of the top seafood restaurants in the world for a once-in-a-lifetime dinner. 


Most of the celebrities visited Maldives during the prime lockdown period and still now is the top location for a vacation

5)  Malaysia

The finest of Asia is packed in Malaysia. From Kuala Lumpur’s thick urban jungles, ancient mosques, and opulent shops to the serene beaches of the Perhentian Islands. You will have an exceptional and unparalleled travel experience in this nation. Visit the impressive tea estates to learn about the manufacturing of tea and sample many varieties while admiring the stunning mountain backdrop. Genting Highlands offers magnificent hotels, theme parks, museums, and casinos where you can rejuvenate. August can be considered the perfect time to visit Malaysia as the temperatures are not soaring up and it gives the tourists a perfect time to visit the beaches and have a pleasant experience.


Kuala Lumpur is known for it’s nightlife and also has a host of casinos that you can pay a visit

These are some of the best places you may go this August for the long weekend to relax, rejuvenate, and spend time with loved ones rather than working. The only thing you need to do is pack your luggage, purchase your tickets, and head to the airport for your desired location because the visa is issued upon arrival.




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