Five Countries that Give Visa on Arrival to Indians

If you resist travelling because of visa application hassle then you don’t need to postpone your plans. Let’s check out to know the five kickass countries that offer visa-on-arrival to Indian passport Holders.

As the New Year 2023 starts, many people made plans to travel across the world or in at least one country, solo or with their loved ones. But sometimes postpone their plans because their visa gets rejected. It can be frustrating sometimes when you realize you need a visa to go almost anywhere in the world. And that’s why many of us resist travelling because we don’t want to be involved in the hassle of visa applications. However, you don’t need to worry, just pack your bags and ready to travel to some coolest destinations where you’ll get visa-on-arrival or e-visa facilities on an Indian passport. you can complete all the paperwork after setting foot in a foreign land. All you need to carry the necessary documents to get a visa on arrival.

Here’s the list of the countries that offer visa-on-arrival for Indians





Maldives is a perfect for romantic getaways


Maldives is one of the most famous coastal tourist destinations in the Indian Ocean. There are clean and gorgeous beaches, which are perfect for romantic getaways. There are no. of reasons why you should visit Maldives including you can take a deep water diving session and see the marine life including vibrant coral reefs, manta rays, sea turtles and many more things. Here, you can enjoy water sports like jet skiing, snorkelling, canoeing, etc., and cherish their vibrant culture. The best time to visit the Maldives is between April & November. They offer a visa-on-arrival facility for Indians. So, pack your bags and leave right away with your bae or maybe with your friends & enjoy 90 days in the Maldives with a free visa.





Seychelles is famous for its exotic beaches and pristine Islands


This is another blue paradise, which consists of 115 Islands. It is famous for its exotic beaches and pristine Islands. It’s a home of no. of beautiful white sand beaches. There are 2 UNESCO sites and here you can see a rare black parrot species, which is also Seychelle’s national bird and one of the best scuba diving destinations. An ideal time to visit this Island is between April and May or October and November. There is no visa required but you have required a permit to travel, which has a maximum period of 30 days.





An amazing water sports and dolphin cruise is famous in Mauritius


Mauritius is famous for its amazing water sports, you can go for dolphin spotting, and visit a Mauritius small town called Chamarel. The seven-colour sand makes this place unique. And on your way back, don’t forget to visit Chamarel falls and black river gorges national park. Its surrounding area is also known for coffee growing and Rhum distillery. You can go shopping at Le Caudan Waterfront and visit Port Louis to see french colonial architecture, it’s also the capital of Mauritius. The best time to visit this Island is from April to June & September to December. They offer 60 days free visa. 





The weather in Thailand remains lovely throughout the year


This place is an astounding land of white elephants. Here, you can explore monasteries, beaches, temples, and flea markets. The weather in Thailand remains lovely throughout the year. They have mouth-watering delicacies. They serve the best seafood. It is a perfect destination for a honeymoon or you can also enjoy it with your friends. It also offers visa-on-arrival, which is valid for 15 days.

Hong Kong




The statues of Buddha in Hong Kong symbolises the harmonious relation between nature and man


Hong Kong is known for its vibrant culture and busiest nightlife. There are gazillion things to do here. Here, you can visit neighbourhood shopping streets around Causeway Bay, visit the famous Disneyland, which is one of the largest theme parks in Hong Kong, and visit Tian Tan Buddha, one of the tallest statues of Buddha which symbolise the harmonious relation between nature and man. The best time to visit Hong Kong is March to May & September to November. Their visa duration is for 14 days.



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