Happy Birthday Salman Khan: The Underrated Performance of Salman Khan

On the 58th birthday of Salman Khan, look at his performance that was overlooked and that you need to know about.

Salman Khan, who is celebrating his 58th birthday today, has given us many memorable performances in the three decades of his career. Salman is not only an actor who can make mass films. There was a time when Salman was known for his acting and movies that were light-hearted, comical, romantic, and dramatic.

There is more to this actor than just reciting dialogues and making hand-to-hand combat. When the actor was still trying to make his mark in the industry, he was part of a film that would even make his detractors proud. Here we have brought you some of the underrated gems of Salman Khan which you can check out on his birthday.

Khamoshi: The Musical

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There isn’t a movie that Sanjay Leela Bhansali has directed or produced like this one. It was a musical delight and comforting. In this poignant movie about the struggles of a girl and her family, Salman Khan was a huge relief. Even still, he performed the role of a lover boy so flawlessly that it warmed your heart.

There was a scene in the film where the character of Khan failed to hold back his tears while narrating Nana Patekar’s speech, and Salman has never been so endearing in any film. Khamoshi features Manisha Koirala, Nana Patekar, and Smita Biswas, which is also the debut film of Bhasali as a filmmaker.

Jaan-E-Mann: Let’s fall in love… Again

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Jaan-E-Mann was the directorial debut of Shirish Kunder (husband of Farah Khan), which shows a love triangle that is breathtakingly shot in a Broadway-style with music composed for posterity. Salman Khan played the character Suhaan Kapoor, who is an arrogant and egoistic artist who only does the main lead roles and talks in a fake accent.

But, when you jump into the post-interval scenes, you will see the changed tone of the character, which people aren’t used to seeing Bhai shed copious tears and cry every five minutes in the film. This is one of those films where Khan showed his emotions and pathos, not his unnecessary 6-pack abs. The beautiful blend of screenplay and telling of the same story differently makes the film more interesting, which unfortunately couldn’t work well at the box office due to a clash with SRK’s Don.

Phir Milenge

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Phir Milenge, which was directed by Revathi, is still Salman Khan’s most underrated movie performance. The 2004 movie is a social drama that addresses the touchy subject of prejudice experienced by AIDS sufferers. Salman portrays Rohit, an AIDS patient, in a realistic manner, which increases the character’s relatability.

Salman does a fantastic job of embodying the role, allowing the viewer to identify with this fictional character on a personal level. Abhishek Bachchan and Shilpa Shetty Kundra both play important parts in the movie. Phir Milenge is one of the underrated gems of Khan, and you should not miss out on watching it on his birthday.

Kyon Ki Its Fate

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Though not as iconic as its original film but Kyon Ki… marks another great performance by Salman Khan. Salman plays the role of a mentally unstable patient Anand, in this romantic comedy film. Kyon Ki, directed by Priyadarshan, is a film featuring a lot of intriguing storylines and its share of moments. All things considered, Salman’s portrayal in the movie stands out as one of the most sorrowful ones. Apart from Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Jackie Shroff, and Riya Sen also do a good job in the film.

Kuch Kuch Hota Hain

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Though Salman Khan was not the main lead in the film, his extended cameo gave his character a place in this list. Khan’s character Aman is one of the most lovable characters in the history of Hindi cinema. This character was written so beautifully that Aman will always be a green flag for many girls, despite the unsatisfactory ending of the character in the film. Salman Khan’s entry as Aman brought a blast of energy into every frame of his. Despite being a supporting actor, he doesn’t make you feel bad, bored, or distracted in the story of the film.

Special Mentions:

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Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kya

Jab Pyaar Kisi se Hota Hain

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