Is this what technology can do now?

Stay one with the trends by welcoming fresh technology to your lives. To do so, check out these drones that have changes the game of photography and digital platforms.


You might have noticed one or two beautifully captures pictures as well as videos of various places captured with drones when you scroll through Instagram. While looking at them, you must have also wondered if you could do the same on your own. Well, the answer is yes. With the technology available today, you can do that and much more. You help you start, we have brought you two options to choose your drone from. These options provide you with different features and come at different price ranges as well. Pick your today!

  • DJI Mini 2

A flawless body that swings perfectly in the air and captures some picture perfect shots is the DJI Mini 2. This second generation introduction by DJI is an entry level drone which has dropped the Mavic Moniker that defined the company’s series for a long time. It includes an updated camera, powerful motor as well as a strong remote control connection. It matches the original Mavic Mini’s exterior design as it uses the same airframe. If you want, you can even fold the drone and fit in into your jacket pocket however, it is always preferred to carry a small bag for safety reasons.

drone camera

You can even fold the drone and fit in into your jacket pocket.

When we talk about the remote control system, it has a more advanced wireless communication tech and stronger antennas. Along with this, it also has an improved battery life. It has a stabilizd 4K camera, Raw and JPG photo modes, automated Quickshots and GPS and other safety features. However, on a lesser bright side, it still doesn’t have color profiles for JPGs and videos and it doesn’t include ActiveTrack or Hyperlapse.

Price: approx. Rs. 40,000

drone camera

Price: approx. Rs. 40,000

  • Autel Robotics EVO II Pro

Unlike various other drones which do not work unless you have a handset connected in order to see ad snap photos, the Autel Ronotics EVO II puts the color display right on the controller. This allows you to fly, frame photos as well as record videos without having to connect another device on it. However, you will surely be paying more for this privilege. You may also note that this is a bit large for a small drone but it is highly visible too with an orange body.

drone camera

This allows you to fly, frame photos as well as record videos without having to connect another device on it.

It gives you the sweet quality of 6K video and 20MP Raw imaging along with a 1-inch sensor camera. It has multiple color profiles which includes Log. It has 10-bit HDR at up to 4K quality and supports Raw and JPG images. It has a big battery life for 30-plus-minute flights and also has obstacle sensors and automated flight paths for safety.

Price: approx. Rs. 2,15,000

drone camera

Price: approx. Rs. 2,15,000


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