Here are Some Interesting Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Whiskey

A drink with a name that means “water of life” has a rich history to it as well. Here are 14 facts you might not know about Whiskey. Have a look!

Whiskey is a much-loved drink. No occasion is fulfilled without a glass of whiskey and neither is our anniversary edition. To add more fun and excitement to our 14th-anniversary issue, we have brought to you a collection of 14 interesting facts you might not know about whiskey. So, the next time you drink, remember the glorified history that the drink in your hand lived through.

Whiskey facts

1. Macallan, a 30-year-old cask was termed as the most expensive whiskey to have ever sold at an auction in 2019. It was sold at $572,000. 

2. Whiskey has the highest retail sales of any spirit in France at 47.2 per cent according to The French Federation of Spirits. Cognac on the other hand makes up only 0.7 per cent of sales. 

3. There exists a Japanese whisky named Kikori which is made with 100 per cent rice.

4. The largest bottle of whisky was created by the distillers of Famous Grouse, who made a 1.7-metre bottle that stored 228 litres of whiskey. 

5. ‘The Perfect Collection’ is the name given to the world’s largest collection of Scotch Whisky with a staggering 3,384 bottles. 

6. In 2006, an 1896 scotch was found from Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctic Expedition which is now being preserved in New Zealand. It did not freeze at -30 temperatures. 

7. A wounded warehouse in the Liberties caught fire in June 1875. This led to rivers of burning whiskey flowing through the lanes of Dublin. This incident was called the Great Dublin Whiskey Fire which resulted in the loss of 1900 casks of whiskey.

Whiskey facts

8. Sir Nikola Tesla, a famous scientist, drank whiskey every day as he believed that it would extend his life to 150 years. 

9. 133 distilleries were licensed to produce Scotch Whiskey at the time of writing. 

10. Whiskey contains only about 64 calories in an average measure which is even less than a banana. 

11.  Â£156 was earned every second in 2019 by Scotch exports. 

12. Only a few from over 300,000 varieties of barley are sustainable for malt whiskey production. 

13. A whiskey rebellion was held in Pennsylvania in 1794 due to the tax on Whiskey. The tax was repealed in 1802. 

14. Around 43 per cent of tourists visit a distillery in Scotland on every visit which makes it the second most popular activity for the demographic.



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