Sweaty Bodies, Passionate Kissing, Loud Moaning & More!

Ace The Game & Give Your Women The Maximum Pleasure With These Sex Positions. It Will Surely Make Her Moan and say, “Do That Again!”

Most women prefer lovemaking with romance, appreciation, respect, and caring with plenty of foreplay, satisfaction, and afterglow.” However, please note the last three are more important.  

We believe sex is just one of those things you can’t get enough & you can make it more exciting by following the erotic tips we provide.

Let’s get one thing clear, performing sex better and different each time around is the key to enjoyment & satisfaction. A fact says that no woman is capable of not achieving orgasm so if your woman is not experiencing that pleasure, we are here at your rescue.

For some mind-blowing sex getting creative with positions and techniques is the best. These sex positions provide guaranteed orgasms for all vagina-owners. Make these you go-to position to grind on when it comes to delivering immense pleasure to your lady. Thank Us Later!

Edge Of The Bed

Try this one tonight, and you’re back in the game. This position will assuredly encourage deep penetration. It is also one of the positions that work well for both men and women. The vagina owner has to lie down on her back with her hips at the edge of the bed. The partner has to stand on the floor and enter from under their legs. The penis owner will have to bend over her to penetrate fully but the position is damn sexy and you won’t be able to resist getting back to the pillow.

sex positions


A very intimate position, and more of a grinding position than it is thrusting. This one does give some extra clitoral stimulation. Now the male here has to sit with their legs crossed on the bed and their partner will sit on you and as close they can while wrapping their legs around their torso. You can form a hug position, arms wrapped around each other, and now just feel your chests melt.

Happy Scissors

Yet another great position for clitoral stimulation. A little different from classic spooning. Instead of lying on your side, you lie on your back and spread your legs wide. Your partner in front of you sits on his knees, bent, and enters from below while holding your legs. It indeed is a bit of a dominating position, where your partner can take full control by blindfolding or even handcuffing the vagina owner.

sex positions

Standing Against A Wall

A classic and never fails to disappoint. The shoulder and back of the female in this one are resting on the wall and the legs are wrapped around the partner’s waist. While her pelvis is leaned forward, the male partner can control the speed and penetration. This is also the oldest and the fastest when it comes to quickee! 



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