Can Winters affect your Sexual health? Read here to find out!

Winters are upon us and this could mean some serious issues related to your sexual health. If you want to be good in bed with your partner this season, this article can answer your questions. Have a look!

Question 1: I face the problem of erectile dysfunction, particularly during winters. Is there any specific reason for this?

Answer: It is a common problem faced by numerous men during the winter season. This happens majorly due to the lack of vitamin D in your body. 

When winter arrives, we tend to stay indoors in the comfort and warmth of our blanket. This means less exposure to sunlight which is a direct source of Vitamin D. This lack of vitamin D levels in your body can cause you to have erectile disfunction. You could even have difficulty while having penetrative sex. Additionally, the more you lack vitamin, the severe you experience the erectile dysfunction to be. 

To avoid this, make sure you get exposed to sun in the right quantity during winters. Plus, talk to your doctor and get some supplements only if necessary. 

Sexual Health Issues.
Plus, talk to your doctor and get some supplements only if necessary. 

Question 2: I don’t feel like having sex during the cold season but I don’t want to disappoint my girlfriend. Can you tell me why this happens?

Answer: Winters may cause your libido to go into hibernation. If you are someone who lives in a colder climate, particularly the one with regular wet weather or snowfall, you may experience a feeling of loneliness in winters. You may not want to get off your couch and socialize. Due to this, you may not want to engage in intercourse. 

Whether in a relationship or not, this depressed mood is not healthy and can affect your sex life negatively. Long term symptoms can also result into anxiety and other chronic diseases including chest pressure or chest pains. If you don’t want something like this to happen, make sure you move your body and get the blood flowing for a healthier lifestyle. It will also increase your libido and help you get your sex life back.  

Sexual Health Issues.
Winters may cause your libido to go into hibernation.

Question 3: Sometimes, in winters, I like to see my girlfriend without clothes. But I do not want to have sex with her. Is something wrong with me? 

something wrong with me? 

Answer: Absolutely not. Interestingly, a study reports that men find women’s bodies more attractive during winters than during summers. Some researchers have noticed this to be a common behaviour. This could be due to the “contract effect”. 

In this effect, not being able to see the skin as often as before can make you desire it more. Because you are used to seeing skin more in summers, you may desire to see them more when it’s cold. It is quite common and not an alarming sign. However, make sure your partner is comfortable with this. As long as there is consent, you can have a healthy sex life with your partner.  

Sexual Health Issues.
As long as there is consent, you can have a healthy sex life with your partner.  

Question 4: Is winters the right time to try for a baby or should we wait for summers?

Answer: Winters may actually be the perfect time to have a baby. This is because, during winters, both male and female bodies have higher chances of fertility. 

For men, the sperm count increases in cold weather. When testicles are a few degrees cooler than a person’s body temperature, they produce more sperms. Perhaps a colder climate is more suitable for your testicles than usual. Along with this, winters also allow the sperms to form in a much better shape that can fertilise eggs. 

Additionally, a study notes that women are likely to be more fertile during winters than during summers. This increased fertility could be due to the change in weather conditions. Therefore, conceiving in the cold weather can be beneficial if you are ready to be a parent. 

Sexual Health Issues.
Winters may actually be the perfect time to have a baby.

Question 5: Why does my penis appear to be smaller in winters? Should I go see a doctor for it? 

Answer: This is yet again a common sign of winters approaching for men. Some men claim the size of their penis appears to be larger in summers as compared to winters. The sex and relationship expert notices that this can be quite possible. Along with this, winters may also cause difficulty with erections and orgasms. 

A reason for this could be the shutting down of blood vessels in the penis. In cold weather, your penis experiences a reduced blood flow that can cause shrinkage. This is because your body preserves the heat and energy by prioritizing regular blood flow to the vital organs in the middle of the body. Due to this, men may find that their penis appears smaller in winters. Moreover, the reduced blood flow can also make it more challenging to get erections. 

Sexual Health Issues.
This is yet again a common sign of winters approaching for men.


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