Why is Everyone into E-Sports?

Forget outdoor sports! Online gaming is emerging as the fastest-growing sport in the world with generations glued to their digital screens for hours.

What are E-sports?

E-sports are games played online both individually and in teams for raking money and glory. The first variant in e-sports games is called First-person shooters which means there is no need for any team and one person can play against its opponent all alone. On the contrary front, another variant of e-sports is called MOBA’s that stands for the multiplayer online battle arena. In MOBA one can play in a team against another team. So if you have a group of friends or just want to seize the moment alone then there are ample options you can navigate based on your preferences.

Rise of E-sports

E-sports have always been there in the world but the coronavirus pandemic soared their popularity. People have been staying in confinement and have work from home schedules that gives them some leisure time. This has driven their zeal to vouch for online gaming and streaming. Besides the gloomy pandemic, a reason for the rise in the world of e-sporting is Gen-Z kids. With vast exposure to technology and gadgets, the newest generation has become an active participant in various kinds of events and tournaments organized for such gameplays. Today, the online gaming market in India is worth 2.4 billion dollars as per Statistica. So when a popular saying goes like  “Forget football, the world’s fastest-growing sport is live video gaming” then one can gauge where it’s coming from.

Popular games you can choose to play sitting  at home


Counterstrike is a first-person shooter gameplay. One can either choose to play against the terrorist or can join the terrorist team in the game. Well, I am sure you know what happens in the game, but did you know that counter-strike is the oldest e-sport to exist in India? It is the only PC game that sees most Indians indulging in it while the other populations of online gaming are mostly phone users. The counter-strike game is a part of the ESL Indian premiership. It organized an event to play counter-strike with the award prize running in crores, last year.


Online gaming is emerging as the fastest-growing sport in the world with generations glued to their digital screens for hours.


This game has hit the headlines all for good and bad reasons in equal terms; the mobile game became an instant addiction for youngsters soon after it arrived in the market. It’s a mobile-friendly team-based game where one has to target their opponent by shooting them and later savoring a chicken dinner! This game has taken India’s e-sport gaming to another level with the commencement of the PUBG Mobile India series event in 2019 that had huge price money for the winner. PUBG has also produced a number of full-time gamers and live streamers in India making it a lucrative market for gamers to amass popularity and hit jackpots. Though the game was banned by the Indian government many went from mobile to PC to play the same.

Clash Of Clans

Clash of clans is an MMO (massively multiplayer online) gameplay that can be played easily by beginners. The game requires playing with a team and making troops attack other players to gain resources in a clash with clans. The game’s recent update has got advanced features making the built look more fun and quirky. Developed by Supercell, the mobile game company has also launched other popular e-sport games like Brawl Stars which has earned good approval ratings from players.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty is a first-person shooter game based on the warfare of World War 2. The latest upgrade of modern warfare game has garnered a lot of attention with new features like nighttime maps, modes and operators having fully functional night vision glasses. Last year, the Call of Duty had one Indian challenge tournament which was opened for all to participate in.



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