Quest for Gold with Urvashi Rautela

Urvashi feels that India has a lot of talent that just needs the right direction to win medals in the Olympics. And for RIO 2016, together we say…Go for Gold!

As we start the month of August, the long awaited Olympics are already underway and the quest for gold has begun in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Anticipating this idea well in advance, we foraged a million ideas in our heads as to who could help us in this mission for the medal. Urvashi was the unanimous voice in the meeting room as the girl from the tinsel town is fit, young and has been a national basketball player herself. From winning titles abroad to featuring in movies, Urvashi’s fame and our idea of glory matched to perfection. And, despite having made her way into the showbiz, her inner sportsperson was out in a jiffy the minute Taras put his finger on the shutter and shot his first… When asked about her favourite sportsperson from the 120-member Indian team, Sania Mirza was her premeditated obvious choice. Not remaining confined to a singular choice, several of our querries proved her deep interest in the field of sports. Falling in line with our stream of thought, she thinks that India doesn’t lag behind in sports, as the country has produced many legends. We, of course, couldn’t agree more. With 1.25 billion people cheering for the largest Indian contingent ever going to the Olympics, our cover girl is vouching for our men and women to bring back metal discs from Rio. This is her way of saying, ‘Go for Gold, India!’

Hi, Urvashi, how did you like your first FHM shoot?

Well, it was wonderful. I immediately loved the theme for the shoot. It was inspired by Olympics, which was very different from the usual FHM cover. I would have loved to be a part of any of your covers, but this one was unique. I am an athlete myself and it made a lot more sense to me. FHM is generally known for the hot covers, but I’m equally thrilled with the sports theme.

Now that it’s done, how would you rate yourself on a scale of 0 to 10?

I would want the fans and audience to rate me. How can I rate myself? But still I would say that I was 9 on 10 (giggles).


I immediately loved the theme for the shoot. It was inspired by Olympics, which was very different from the usual FHM cover.

How far do you think we can lure you to go in the next one?

Oh, that depends on you guys. I loved the collaboration with your magazine. I would want to be a princess next time. So get you plans ready, boys!

As this was themed around sports, are you a sports enthusiast yourself?

I play a lot of sports. I was a national level basketball player. Apart from that, I played volleyball, Kho-Kho, Javelin throw, badminton and shotput. So, yeah I was involved in a lot of sports since childhood.

Why do you think India lags behind in sports in general?

I don’t think we lag behind in sports. There are so many players in each and every field of sports in India. From Sachin Tendulkar to Sania Mirza, Saina Nehwal and Abhinav Bindra. We have a plethora of greats!

Who is your favourite sportsperson from the Olympic squad?

Sania Mirza. She is just wonderful!

Tell us something about yourself. How was your growing up years? Childhood in the hills must have been fun…

I was the only girl in my family. I had 11 cousins who loved me a lot. I used to play with them and so was always very tomboyish. All of them pampered me. I was the most shy person you would ever meet. I used to face a lot of difficulty in striking a conversation. I’m still like that. In my school days, I was only into studies. My parents used to call me the best child they could ever get as I was very sincere and used to follow the rules. They loved me for that.

We’ve heard that you took the IIT entrance test. Do you remember your rank?

Umm… No, I don’t (laughs). I cleared the AIEEE exam, though. I scored 95 per cent in my higher secondary, and tried my luck with engineering. But as destiny would have it, I became an actor.


I cleared the AIEEE exam. I scored 95 per cent in my higher secondary,

Yeah, how did a nerd like you become one?

Since my childhood I wanted to become Miss Universe. You know how every girl dreams of winning beauty peagants… Luckily I won twice, once in 2012 and then in 2015. Then I think it was more of a word of mouth publicity for me that worked in Bollywood. I never had to take any screen test for my roles. It’s an amazing feeling when your director has immense faith in you. Acting comes naturally to me and now I love being in front of the camera.

Are you a travel junkie? What’s the craziest thing you’ve done on a trip?

I love travelling! The kind of profession I’m in is like the best job I could have dreamt for. Sometimes I’m here and sometimes I’m in some other part of the world. During recent trip to Istanbul, I tried out something… though I won’t call it crazy, but it was fun. I tried the Turkish Hammam and it was just wonderful. The body spa is so soothing that it cleans you both internally and externally. It refreshes you to the core.

Let’s talk about men now. How important is love in your life?

It’s very important. Love is the most special feeling (blushes).

The last we heard, you were single. Are you dating someone now?

No, I’m not! I’m happily single!

What is it in a man, or a woman, that turns you on?

Why does there have to be a woman (laughs)! I think the guy needs to be funny and intelligent. He needs to know everything, from science to history to commerce to everything. He has to know what’s going around in the world. And most importantly, he should love me more than anything.

If you had to be one half of a lesbian romance and had to pick a female co-star, who would it be?

Oh my god! Umm… It has to be with Jennifer Lawrence from Hollywood, and Priyanka Chopra from Bollywood.


The kind of profession I’m in is like the best job I could have dreamt for.

And what if you were a man. Who would have been your gay partner?

Umm… Zayn Malik! And yes, Salman Khan!

Five things that turn you off.

Bragging. I don’t like people bragging about themselves and not listening to others. Lies. Bad smell. Excessively talkative people. Also, personal hygiene is very important. So an unhygienic guy will get a straight no from me!

What does the word domination mean to you? Does it excite you, or turn you off? Or does it have a totally different meaning for you?

It totally depends! I think it has a different meaning for me. It neither excites me nor does it turn me off. It will depend on what we are talking about. Sometimes it’s good to dominate, and sometimes it isn’t!

What do you feel about one-night stands? Would you ever indulge in one?

Umm… I think it’s an individual’s decision. Whosoever likes it, can go ahead with it. I personally haven’t tried it.

What was the craziest place you ever made love at?

(Hehe) I would not say that it was love making, but I would like to call it a great conversation. It was in Turkey. And it was really very interesting! I am sure women also hit on you… Share your most interesting experience. It wasn’t interesting at all! Women hitting on you can be really depressing. It happened during my college days in the University of Delhi. There was this girl who used to follow me everywhere. She was very weird. She was a very manly-looking girl. You know, very gundi sort of a girl (laughs). She made my life hell. She would call out my name and then hide away. Those were really bad days!


An unhygienic guy will get a straight no from me!

What do you do to unwind after a tight schedule? A long drive, may be?

Oh, I rush back home! I enjoy spending time with my parents. I chat with them for long hours. I go out with my friends and tell them stories.

Who’s been your craziest fan? What did he/she do for you?

There have been a lot of crazy fans. I ran a contest recently for my fans to do handstands and I saw so many of them. Many of them didn’t even know how to do it, but they were still doing it just for me! It was very sweet. Would like to tell my fans that I love them all and I am who I am because of them!

Some crazy fan story that you have…

Oh, there are a lot of them. I am the Shahrukh Khan of my hometown in Uttarakhand (haha). They love me so much. People come to my place and leave gifts for me. When I came home after the Miss Universe last year, there were thousands of people who came to welcome me at the airport.

Is there a phobia that you’d like to conquer?

I am actually scared of the feeling that my inner happiness matters more to me than others. I think a lot about what others think of me. But now I want to make it a point that I will stay happy despite other people not liking me for what I do. Isn’t it amazing to be in control of your own mood? Now, I’m just rambling (hahaha).

Do you have a tattoo? If you were to get one where would that be?

I don’t have a tattoo. But if I were to get one, I think I’d like my mom and dad’s names tattooed somewhere on my arm.


I am the Shahrukh Khan of my hometown in Uttarakhand (haha).

If the following politicians asked you out for a date, who would you choose and why:

Rahul Gandhi
Barack Obama
Donald Trump
Vladimir Putin
Kim Jong un

It will be a tie between Barack Obama and Donald Trump. I’m really inspired by Mr Obama’s story. How he became the first Afro-American president of the US, and how he completely changed the meaning
of equality. I may choose Donald Trump equally, because I love the way he talks. He is completely fearless and he is really funny. He makes me laugh a lot.

What do you prefer, cars or bikes? Are you a proud owner of a monster?

Both of them! I don’t own one now, but I would really like to have a Rolls Royce. And any of the cool sports bike that is customised. I actually need a car which can be converted into a bike. I think I need a batmobile and I will be the batwoman(laughs)!

What are the five things that you never leave your home without?

Umm… Cash, my mobile phone, perfume, keys and a water bottle.

What do you think of when you hear the following word:
Love – My mom and dad.
Sex – Beautiful connection between two souls.
Condoms – Awareness.
FHM – F for fantastic, H for hilarious and M for magnetic.

Pick one and give a reason:

Road trips or flights – Road trips with friends and if for work, then flights!
Ramp walk or acting – Acting.
Voluptuous figure or size zero – Voluptuous.
Sunny Deol or Riteish Deshmukh – Sunny Deol. You know, Sunny was my first hero and he will always remain special.
Arranged marriage or a lesbian affair – Arranged marriage.

Any interesting and sexy avatar we can look forward to drooling over you in near future?

I have a couple of exciting projects in hand. I will be announcing them soon. So, you gotta wait and watch (winks).


I would really like to have a Rolls Royce.


Along the Way

Have you ever kissed or almost kissed a girl? Or vice versa.
No, never!

Have you ever been in a friends with benefits kind of situation?

Have you ever made out with someone whom you never wished to make out with?

What is the craziest thing you’ve done when drunk?
I don’t drink!

What will you do if you’re ever caught in the act?
I will make sure that this situation never arrives.

What’s that one thing that you would never tell your mom?
Some dirty little secrets!

What’s your favourite cuss word?
What the hell!

Have you ever sexted?
Yes, I have, but not a lot!

What’s your take on dirty talk?
It depends. Sometimes it is good!



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