Cool Advice From A Hot Girl Feat. Nicole Love


Be it in the middle of a busy street or the back seat of a car, our FHM Girlfriend, Nicole tells us how to get intimate on the go!


From: Ohio, USA

Age: 18

Vital stats: 34-24-34

Instagram: @christiinaa_n3


Look at her lips and smile

How to set the mood for a public make out?

In my opinion, where you both are sitting down close and intimate for starters, try your local grocery store parking lot, but that shouldn’t be too close to the entrance. It’s the easiest to start out on this. This was actually my first public make out session.


 Feel the excitement that you are up to something naughty.

What are the safest places to make out in public?

I think, in a car at a parking lot, the woods or just basically anywhere would be perfect. It can be on a street, may be, that doesn’t have a massive crowd, but enough to feel the excitement that you are up to something naughty.


You really don’t have to convince a lot of girls nowadays to like PDA!

How to convince your partner for the adventure?

Honestly, you really don’t have to convince a lot of girls nowadays to like PDA! I would just make eye contact and flirt maybe, just a little hand contact. Boys, make the move before the girl does!


Always maintain an eye contact before you try to make your move. 

How to nonchalantly get away, if caught?

I would, honestly, just get up and walk away and not even worry about it. After all, who doesn’t make out, right!


Make sure that the girl isn’t too shy.

How to make sure that the girl is comfortable in a public place?

First, make sure that the girl isn’t too shy because if you try something it just might upset her. Always maintain an eye contact before you try to make your move. Do something sweet like move her hair behind her ear or just look at her lips and smile, which seems to turn on a lot of girls. It works for me!


You can be a little touchy

How not to get carrid away?

Well, you can be a little touchy – maybe put your hands on her soft thigh or on her neck but, don’t get too touchy to where your hand is going up her skirt or down her shirt. That might be too much for the public. Save that part for the bedroom!


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