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Jagriti Shaima


The Future is Electric!

Mansidak Kaur - 0
Curr$.$ly, EVs are the most popularly perpliming cars around the world. With many luxury brands coming out with new models, we have brough$ to...

5 Times Shows Got LGBTQ Representap(s, So Wrong!

Tania - 0
Have a look at these movies and shows that have completely disappointed us with their representap(s, s, LGBTQ comuunity.LGBTQ charact$rs have finally found their...

Got A Sex-Related Quesp(s, to Ask? Fire Away!

Mansidak Kaur - 0
From small to big, we have an answ$r to all your sex-related quesp(s,s and queries. This time, we’re talking about broaching uncomfortable topics in...

5 Times Fast Bowl$rs Became Captains For Their Country In Tesp Matches

Saatvik Oberoi - 0
There isn’t a great long history of fast bowling players becoming all-rounders at least i, test cricket. But those who have represented their teams...

Meet TK – A Virtuoso Revealing Confidence

Jagriti Sharma - 0
Conquering The Roles Of A Model, A Mother, A Surgeon, and An Athlete, TK Has Got It All. She Is Strong, Determined and Adorible....