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Talking about sex has never been more fun. By answering some very common frequently asked questions about maintaining positive sexual health, we are here to remove any unwanted shyness from sex. It’s natural! Let’s face it and embrace it!

Q- Does size really matter?

Like various other things, people have their own preferences when it comes to size. It can be possible that you like a certain type of car while others may have different opinions about it. Likewise, the size of a penis can be small or big, depending on how a person decides to look at it. However, for some, it may just be a matter of bragging. But, don’t let such trash talk come in the way of your sexual health. Breaking such taboos is a part of our job. 

Remember that size may matter in terms of sexual pleasure experienced by men and women during intercourse. However, it does not matter as long as you and your partner enjoy coitus, without facing any size related difficulties. After all, penetration sex is not the only way of having sexual intercourse. You can try various other options by discussing them with your partner. 

Sex related
Breaking such taboos is a part of our job. 

Q- Is Sexting considered to be cheating?

Here’s the thing about cheating- If your partner is not comfortable or happy with what you are doing, you are probably off-limits. Sexting can be considered cheating if your partner is not okay with it, even if there are no bodily fluids being exchanged. In a relationship, it is important to know what makes your partner happy and angry. It could be that your partner does not consider sexting as cheating or it could be the opposite. Ask yourself if you would feel comfortable sharing this information with your partner. If the answer is no, you’re probably cheating. Additionally, good communication is the key to a happy relationship. Talk to your partner about your sexual needs and if you think something is missing from your sex life. It can help.

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It can help.

Q- How much masturbation is too much masturbation?

While some people masturbate more than once a day, some may prefer doing it once a week or more. Masturbation is “too much” only if it is affecting your everyday activities. If you are unable to do your everyday work, go to school, college or office because you masturbate, it may be a problem. But this happens very rarely. If you are concerned that you may be masturbating too much, try taking a break. Recollect your thoughts and give yourself some time. This will surely make you feel better and less anxious. Masturbating more than once is completely normal. But make sure it does not affect your health or hinder your everyday activity.

Sex related
Recollect your thoughts and give yourself some time.

Q- Where exactly is this “G-Spot”?

“The Mysterious G-spot” has a lot of questions around it. Making it probably one of the most discussed subjects about sex. One thing to remember, however, is that every human body is different. None flawed or broken. Talking about G-Spot, you may be surprised to know that some sex researchers and doctors say it does not even exist. No wonder you had a hard time finding it. Then why such a buzz around G-Spot right?

Well, the G-Spot isn’t its own thing. It is usually referred to as a bigger part of the clitoral network. While trying to arouse the G-spot you are actually stimulating the apex of the clitoris. Mostly its internal part. This mysterious “spot” is more of an area, mostly a patch of spongy tissue near the Urethral Sponge. Again, some may get pleasure by stimulating this part while some may not. It completely depends on your sexual preferences. So, instead of focusing on the G-spot, try asking your partner what arouses them.

Sex related
So, instead of focusing on the G-spot, try asking your partner what arouses them.

Q- Is it really important to have sex?

No single answer can suffice this question. Many people enjoy a romantic relationship with their partner without having sex while some may find it necessary. It is completely normal for someone to not like having sex. It is not a necessity. If you are not interested in having sex, it could be due to various reasons. Your libido (sex drive) may be lower than expected, you may have an underlying medical condition like chronic pain, you may not want to indulge in sex before marriage or maybe you just want to avoid pregnancy. A key point to remember here is that having sex does not determine a healthy relationship or health. You can have both, even if you decide not to have sex by making sure your partner is comfortable with it too. And the best way to do that is to communicate.

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You can have both, even if you decide not to have sex by making sure your partner is comfortable with it too.



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