Sexy And Dirty ‘Would You Rather’ Questions For A Naughty Night In Bed

It’s time to set the mood right with some naughty questions and make the ‘Would You Rather’ game right for a sexy date night. Have fun.

The famous ‘Would you rather’ game is usually a fun way t pass time whenever you are around your friends or at a party. Well, enough of you asking and being asked the question that ‘would you rather watch Netflix and chill or go out to a house party’ kind of questions.

It’s time to play this fun game the right way. And this right way means being flirty and having fun while playing the game with your better half. Spicing up the game with your partner will also spice up your bedroom stories just the way you want. It is the perfect way to reveal bedroom secrets, know about sexual preferences and open up to some hot sexual fantasies as well. These hypothetical questions are somewhat dirty, but you will undoubtedly discover a lot about your spouse along the way.

nughty games

Would you rather try blindfolded sex or roleplay?

Without wasting any time, here are some spicy and naughty ‘Would You Rather’ questions to ask your partner on a sexy date night and add that extra dose of naughtiness into the bedroom.


1. Would you rather have sex with someone with lights on or lights off?

2. Would you rather watch someone attractive having sex in front of you, or would you want someone attractive to watch while you are having sex?

3. Would you rather be with a partner who doesn’t like oral or who doesn’t like penetration?

4. Would you rather try blindfolded sex or roleplay?

5. Would you rather have sex in the car or the shower?

nughty games

Would you rather give or get a sensual massage from your partner?

6. Would you rather buy expensive lingerie or an expensive sex toy?

7. Would you rather make out all night but not have sex, have sex the whole night but not be allowed to make out at all?

8. Would you like to get a sensual massage or a lap dance tonight? (Get your playlist ready beforehand for anything he/she says yes to)

9. Would you rather want to watch me touch myself in a dirty way or would you want me to watch you do the same to yourself?

10. Would you rather be the one to dominate in bed or want to be the one who is dominated?

nughty games

Would you rather get spanked or get your hair pulled tonight?

11. Would you rather write an erotic book or record a sex tape?

12. Would you like to receive a head from the person you like or give a head to them?

13. Would you rather enjoy sexting or a nude snap?

14. Would you rather watch girl-on-girl porn or guy-on-guy porn to turn yourself on?

15. Would you rather tie me to the bed or handcuff me?

nughty games

No girl would ever mind getting a sexy pair of lingerie as a gift.

16. Would you rather rub every inch of my body with oil or lick some chocolate off of every inch of it?

17. Would you rather kiss me the whole day or tease me?

18. Would you rather get spanked or get your hair pulled tonight?

19. Would you rather have it on the kitchen counter or the dining/study table?

20. Would you have sex secretly at a public place or at your parent’s house?

nughty games

Would you rather kiss your partner in a movie theatre or a lift?

21. Would you have (or want your partner to have) flawless breasts or the perfect butt?

22. Would you rather wear comfy nightwear or sexy lingerie in bed?

23. Would you rather have late-night drunk sex or half-asleep morning sex?

24. Would you rather kiss me in a movie theatre or a lift?

25. Would you rather have sex with me now or 10 minutes later?



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