Got A Sex-Related Question to Ask? Fire Away!

From small to big, we have an answer to all your sex-related questions and queries. This time, we’re talking about broaching uncomfortable topics in the bedroom and more. 





I am a 25-year-old male and I’m going to get married soon. However, I’m worried about our sex life because we haven’t yet had a conversation about this topic. How do I know how often she would like to have sex? How do I broach this topic

It’s a good thing that you’re thinking about having this conversation since most don’t bother to talk about this with their partner. Instead, they expect their partner will just match their sex drive. This is a highly delusional belief to have and short of cheating, there is no other way to have more sex if your partner refuses. Which is something that is just going to destroy your relationship. No, the solution here is that you and your partner sit down and have a transparent and honest conversation about this. Expecting your sex drives to sync up from the start will just lead to guilty feelings if the other wants sex infrequently or more frequently. So, keep realistic expectations from each other and most importantly, ask your partner about all this. Don’t forget to ask about their schedule, mood, energy levels and how stress affects their drive. This will be better for both in the long run.







I and my boyfriend are very happy in our relationship. Until today, I was under the impression he was sexually satisfied since we both have sex quite frequently. But today I caught him watching pornography. Is this considered cheating? And how do I know if he is not satisfied?

This is a very valid concern. However, only you can determine whether this is cheating or not. That is because everyone has different opinions regarding this and only you can decide if this makes you uncomfortable enough to define it as cheating. As for whether he is satisfied or not, we recommend talking to your partner and asking him this. He will be better able to tell you the reason for watching pornography. We would also recommend setting clear boundaries about this moving forward and having clear channels of communication. Talk to him about how him watching pornography impacts you and what support you need from him after this. This can be quickly and patiently sorted out, just work with each other and convey any jealousy you feel to your partner.





I feel my partner is not being transparent about her sexual history with me. How do I find it out and how do I convince her to be honest with me so I am prepared

Oh, this is a tough question to answer! This is something that only your wife would know about, so we cannot even recommend asking her parents since this is not family medical history. That being said, why is it that you’re so concerned? Are you worried about STDs? In that case, you should just politely, but firmly, tell her that this is why you’re asking and you won’t judge her for anything she might reveal. If she still doesn’t want to be honest, we would just suggest you weigh your options here. Being scared of catching STDs from your partner will hamper your sexual drive and sex life, which in turn will lead to a damaged and broken relationship. Convey this to your partner and tell her this would be your last option, but be clear that you’d be willing to pull the plug on the relationship due to this since this is a very important question to have answers to.





We have our wedding in 3 days. But I’m already so stressed about all the planning. And I am sure I’d be even more stressed on the actual day. Is it important to have sex on the wedding night? When I’m stressed and tired, my sexual libido vanishes, so I don’t think I’d be able to have sex on my wedding night. How do I tell my husband that?

This is something many women feel. In fact, several men claim to not have enough desire to have sex on the wedding night due to tiredness. But this is also a very easy thing to handle. Yes, everyone usually thinks having sex on the wedding night is necessary, but that doesn’t always happen. In fact, many couples find that talking and cuddling on that day is better than having sex. Helping each other get out of the restricting wedding attire is more intimate than actually having sex after. So, if you’re worried about it this much, just tell this to your fiancé right now and we’re sure he’d agree to not have sex on the wedding night. Just make a list of some other alternative activities that you could do on the wedding night to relax and bond with each other. This will help you both start your new life off right without any stress.



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