Planning to Visit Europe This Month? These Places Will Delight Your Ardour Like Nothing Else Before!

We Told You About Some Romantic Getaways, Now Take A Look At The Places Where You Should Stay To Make Your Getaway More Special!

Welcome to the romantic slurs of February, where you fall into the realm of fantasies and make them real with your one and only. What could be the best way of expressing your love than travelling around with your partner? Well, we have already told you about the places you should visit in this month of love but after reading this, you’ll be sure than ever before where to stay in these romantic places. So, buckle up because the romance-express is about to enter the station!


Shangri-La is an international chain of hotels and resorts.

Shangri-La, Paris

Undoubtedly known as the city of love, Paris has been the romance capital of the world. Is it because the Eiffel tower or is there something magical in the French air? Well, you are the judge of that. Shangri-La is an international chain of hotels and resorts.

Representing quite a good balance between luxury and value for money, Shangri-La is one of the best. The location itself was the location of former home of the Prince of Imperial house of France, giving a clear and gorgeous view of the Eiffel Tower and the Seine River.

This five-star hotel sits right at the centre of the city in the 16th arrondissement which gives a direct access to Champs-Elysées. Enchanting views with some cuisines right from the Executive chef Christophe Moret’s list of recipes is something that not everybody gets a taste of in Paris. Do consider this property for the perfect romantic getaway in Paris.


Just near the tranquil trails of Sardinian Sea and on the coastal region of pula, this aboard is the most amazing place a romantic getaway.

Forte Village II- Castello, Italy

Located at a walking distance of just about 7 minutes to the nearby beach and right on to the coast of Pula, Castello feels like luxury right on your feet. It would feel like you have ventured into a world never discovered before. The village is just in the name, it’s nothing less than a paradise.

If Paris is full etiquettes, then Italy is wild, and how can you explore the wildness? By being on the wild side of it. Just near the tranquil trails of Sardinian Sea and on the coastal region of pula, this aboard is the most amazing place a romantic getaway.

All the luxuries like wellness centre, spa, water park, swimming pool, and a spectacular view of the peninsula right in front of your eyes. What more do you need? Talking about the cuisines, you can find any dish here but we recommend you to try the local Sardinian dishes which will make your excursion a whole lot better.


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