When in Europe…

Don’t forget to carry these interesting facts in your bag for when you travel around Europe. Enjoy!

As believed. “Europe is a collection of free countries.” We couldn’t agree more! We know Europe has always been a desired destination of  many wanderlusts when it comes to bucket list travel places. Even for those who have already traveled there at least once, it still stays at top when it comes to favorites. It’s an incredible place with so many different countries and cultures.

From eating yummy food in Rome to partying like an animal in Dubrovnik, you have to experience it all when in Europe. From history, art, nature to serene intimate spots, Europe has it all.  Did you know, Europe has the biggest church and even a country free of mosquitoes? Well, there are so many other fascinating facts about the place you are unaware of. With so many countries come different and unique particulars. We have listed below some captivating facts that we bet you didn’t know about Europe.


Fun Facts About Europe

  • A town with 57 letters in its name is in Wales.
  • Counting European countries is difficult.
  • There is a Red Wine fountain in Italy.
  • Netherlands is a place with less humans and more bicycles.
  • Wine lovers should thank Europe as 44%of the world’s wine is produced in France, Italy, Spain.
  • Europeans can’t do without chocolates. 50% of the world’s chocolate consumption is in Europe.
  • There are 5 baby names banned by the government in Denmark.
  • The most popular attraction in all Europe is Disneyland Paris – there are 10 million visitors every year.
  • It would take about 35 days to see all the artwork in the Louvre.
  • Norway has the second longest coastline in the world.
  • The Croatian town of Hum is the smallest in the world.
  • Our favorite Fries are not from Americans, but Belgians.
  • The biggest island in the world is Greenland.
  • Largest city in Europe is Istanbul.
  • The Blonde Hair concept was developed in Northern Europe.
  • The world’s oldest zoo is London Zoo.
  • Around 10 European countries have Monarchy.
  • Scotland has more than 400 words for Snow.
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