Interesting Facts We Bet You Did ‘Not Know’ About Mexico!

Make sure you keep these facts handy while moving around this graceful destination, Read on!

We know you’re craving a beach destination right now and we have brought to you unknown yet fascinating facts for your next ideal vacay destination, Mexico. With warm sun, divine views, and the best beaches Mexico has become a popular destination over the years while driving more tourists every year. In recent years Mexico was regarded as the “state-run by drug lords” but for those who aren’t aware of these captivating facts, Mexico is all about culture and its people. With that being said, it makes its way into our travel bucket list as it is a magnificent city. 

With that being said, it makes its way into our travel bucket list as it is a magnificent city. 

From calm beaches, rich culture, sweet people to delicious food, Mexico is a beauty that has so much in store for us. We have listed below amusing facts about the 13th largest country by size covering 2 million square kilometers. For history geeks, architecture lovers to foodies, we have something for everyone. Dive in and master these details!

Dive in and master these details!

Fun Facts About Mexico

1. Estados Unidades Mexico is the official name of Mexico, it literally means the United Mexican States in Spanish.

2. Spanish being the official language of Mexico, there are 150 other native languages, and the country holds around 6 million speakers of these languages.

3. Mexicans have invented many things that we use in our daily lives. Three of these are Color Television, Anti Graffiti paint, and Birth Control.

4. Beer lovers, you can officially make Mexico your heaven on earth. It has a 3.8$ Billion beer industry and is also its largest exporter in the world.

It has a 3.8$ Billion beer industry and is also its largest exporter in the world.

5. With around 160 Museums in the world, it becomes the destination with the second most museums in the world.

6. Mexico has the cheapest subway system with a fare of just 5 pesos per journey.

7. Our most desired salad, Caesar Salad, was created in Mexico.

8. The most unique festival, “The day of the dead” is a National holiday in the country and is celebrated for about 3 days.

9. Surprisingly, Mexico is bigger than New York.


10. Our mood lifter, Chocolate, originated from Mexico by the Aztecs. Apart from that Avocado and Tomatoes too originated from this beauty.

11. Mexico has the world’s smallest Volcano.

12. Mexico offers you 59 different varieties of Corn.

13. The economy there is booming and the major reason is the increase in Tourism.


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