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One of the three things that are always in a man’s mind is Cars. Well, we know and care about you being up to the minute with your true love. Dive in and know about these trending electric cars!

Electric cars are slowly becoming the future and the urge of owning one as soon as possible is increasing each passing day. New manufactures are emerging trying to enter the market with their new electric cars but the already existing top-selling manufacturers’ are working towards producing electric cars. These luxury manufactures are now providing us with power, elegance, and comfortability with these electric cars. On the other hand, these cars can be a little expensive but having said that, there are tons of benefits that follow along. In 2021, there were such cars produced with great new features and faster accelerations. We have brought to you electric cars regarded as ‘the best by the well-established manufacturers in the world. Read on!


Tata Motors is always one step ahead. While India is still understanding the concept of Electric Cars, Tata introduced the Nexon EV, a surprisingly budget-friendly SUV electric vehicle with an ICE version that has already increased 74% of EV sales. To board the 30.2kWh battery pack, EV has many structural modifications. This SUV has a more mature design which makes it look fresh including the Interior. The cabin gives a luxurious feel and comfortability has been the top motive for this car, the seats are pleasant and just as impressive. The performance which is quite fascinating is made possible by Ziptron technology, as confessed by the brand, “ energy-efficient motor takes you from 0 to 60 km/h in under 6 seconds. This beast electric car just requires a 15A plug to charge and with a DC Charger would take about 60 minutes to go from SOC 10% to 80%.

Luxury Car
Price: approx ₹14,00,000


This desired car has an oath of not compromising on its style. It is designed for people who want all the advantages of Zero Emission. From its 6 power-adjustable driver seat, three option driving mode, to cruise control, electronic gear shift knob this car makes you fall in love with its features. With the max power of 142.7 PS and accommodation of 44.5 KWH Hi-Tech Battery, the brand claims to cover 340km on a single charge. Another point to appreciate is the NCAP safety feature. The e-SUV comes with a 50kW charger which is just 50 minutes shifts from 0-80%, charging with a 15A socket and three-pin in this one typically takes a lot more time. This one by MG after Hector does shake the market and sets the tone in the electric car industry for upcoming manufacturers. 

Luxury Car
Price: approx ₹21,00,000

3. Ford Mustang Mach-E

After hearing the word Mustang, the one thing that pops up is, is it really a Mustang? Well, the new EV mustang debutant by Ford is impressive but nothing compared to a Mustang. The Mach- E is a well-packed hybrid with a 30 cubic feet storage and has a speed of 60 mph in 5.1 seconds. With a horsepower of 346, the Mach-E has great swiftness for that of an electric car. Talking about the interior, this one has our heart on that, also this beast has an 88.0-kWh battery good for 300 miles. The touch screen is also intuitive to use which is 15.5-inch huge. The charging ability is also surprising, it starts in seconds after plugging in and in 45 minutes the battery jumps from 10-80% with a DC Fast Charger by the brand. Despite being less efficient, this one by Ford is amongst four important vehicles by the brand!

Luxury Car
Price: approx ₹77,00,000

4. Tesla CyberTruck

The quality that got us all curious with this one is its looks, a unique and classic car, regarded as the coolest car by Elon Musk, this Cybertruck by Tesla has been stealing all the attention starting from its looks to performance. With a geometrical shape, we see how the designers completely decided to go with side-view mirrors. This yet-to-be launched in India is completely adaptable to your needs. The single motor of this Cybertruck has an acceleration capable of 0-60 MPH in just 6.5 seconds. It has around 3,500 pounds of payload capacity and a magic tonneau cover that is strong enough to stand on, claimed by the brand. The interior has space for up to 6 people and some additional storage too. Another intriguing claim the brand makes is, about the exterior, “shell made for ultimate durability and passenger protection.”

Luxury Car
Price: approx ₹50,00,000

5. Mercedes Benz EQA

Looking to feel the lap of luxury in your car? Well, this electric car by Mercedes is the one for you, something that speaks luxury and class more than anything. The EQA is an addition to the compact car family history of Mercedes. The GLA format has smart assistance for the drivers and electric intelligence. From the seating being upright to following the color scheme of rosé gold-colored and blue highlights, this car is all you want to show off the upcoming season. With the ‘Mercedes Me’ charge, one gets access to the world’s largest charging network, the brand ensures “a subsequent offset with green power.” Not just this but with Mercedes Benz Wallbox Home you can charge this wild car three times faster than the conventional household socket. Mercedes describes the car in three words, “Athletic, innovative, connected.” With an output of 140 kW and a range of 486km, this car is quite impressive. 

Luxury Car
Price: approx ₹60,00,000

6. Audi Q4 e-Tron  

With Audi comes sophistication, class, and elegance. The Q4 e-Tron is no less with its latest innovations and cluster free-look, this car is worth the price you pay for it. With an acceleration of 0-62 mph in 8.5 seconds and holding the maximum power of 150 kW is great for an electric car. With the strength of an SUV, there are 520 litres of luggage space and it has great benefits if you fully switch to electric with Audi. The standard equipment also stands out in Q4, from MMI Navigation, 10.1″ touch screen to a double-spoke design steering wheel with a touch-sensitive operation this car is the ideal family all-rounder car. Its large wheels and wide stance are noticed and appreciated highly in this beauty. 

Luxury Car
Price: approx ₹ 1.18 cr
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