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“Men love women, but even more than that, men love cars.” Once quoted popular British Politician, Lord Hesketh. Every man reading this right now could agree to the fact that they are in love with their vehicles, and most importantly the thrill that they get while riding them. While cars are just a means of transport for some but for some, these are their lifestyles. High speeds with those roaring engines are a sight every man wants to see every day. Everything is good and fine but today the competition in the automobile industry has increased tremendously. This increased competition has created a barrier; a barrier of confusion. Today, every automobile manufacturer has their own set of features that they take inspiration from the other manufacturer, this leads to every manufacturer providing the same set of features, enhancing the confusion even further. But don’t you worry, we have got some automobiles for you providing different sets of features and in different sets of prices. Take a look!


Recently Kia has been launching various cars like Seltos, Sonet, and Carnival in India.

Kia Carens 

As it turns out that South Korea is one of the leading car manufacturers from this world, Kia is one of the automobile brands that has not only helped the country reach where it is today but also has been consistently amongst the top for a long time now.

A subsidiary of Hyundai Motors, Kia is second in terms of sales in South Korea. Recently Kia has been launching various cars like Seltos, Sonet, and Carnival in India but it has now ventured into a category that is one of the most popular ones amongst the Indian audience.

India is a place where joint families and big families are quite common things, catering to this problem Kia Carens comes with a family package. Some of its unique features are-:

  • 6–7-Seater Cabin Space1497CC Engine 
  • Manual, Automatic Dual Clutch Available 
  • Sky Light Panoramic Sunroof 
  • Diamond Crystal Cut Alloy Wheels 

Talking about the car, it may feel like any other family MUV in the first look but has some of the latest features that you don’t see in this segment like heated seats and a panoramic sunroof. Kia offers reliability and puts the whole package in front of you. The only real competition in this price segment will be Maruti Suzuki Ertiga and this MUV could easily overcome the competition in no time. The only things that were not too good were the polarizing exterior which can affect the longevity of the paint and the not-so-balanced steering wheel of the car.

Ex-Showroom Price: ?8,99,000 Onwards 


Tata motors is one of the most reliable brands of India.

Tata Safari 

Proudly an Indian Brand on the list, Tata has been the preference of many Indians when it comes to automobiles. Tata Motors is a subsidiary of the conglomerate Tata group which was founded in 1945 by J.R.D Tata. The amount of trust associated with this brand is commendable.

They used to deal mostly in trucks, vans, and huge carriers, but now as the need of the hour, Tata motors is one of the most reliable brands of India. This year’s version of Tata Safari is actually a redesigned version of the previous model of Safari.

Tata safari was one of the best when it comes to SUVs, but its production was discontinued in 2019, after 21 years of being in production. This version of Tata safari not only looks up-to-date but also has an emotional connection with the public. Some of its features are-:

  • 6-7-seater 
  • 1956CC Powerful diesel engine 
  • Manual and Automatic Transmission 
  • Panoramic Sunroof 
  • Air Purifier Installed Inside

Overall, Tata Safari is great if we talk in terms of SUVs. It has quite an enormous cabin space which can easily fit anything you want. The details have also been taken care of completely with comfort being the top-most priority. While seats are quite comfortable, the captain seats should have been narrower. Another area where it lacks is the infotainment system. In the base models, you don’t even get one. As an SUV, it’s perfect but if you seek luxury and a modern-day car, you might have to wait for a little. 

Ex-Showroom Price: ?14,99,000 Onwards 


Tiguan is the latest kid of Volkswagen which is named after a deadly cat, this car is nothing less than one.

Volkswagen Tiguan 

What does made in Germany sound like? Well, in number third on our list is the popular conglomerate of The Volkswagen Group is Volkswagen. Technically this brand is the sibling to some other hyper-sports automobile manufacturers like Lamborghini, Buggati, and Audi.

Although these brands offer vastly different categories of cars they fall under the same umbrella as The Volkswagen Group. Tiguan is the latest kid of Volkswagen which is named after a deadly cat, this car is nothing less than one.

Sitting somewhere right in the category of compact SUVs, Tiguan has targeted a market that is in huge demand. Cars like Hyundai Creta, Kia Seltos, and Jeep Compass have already set their foot in it and enjoying the sweet treat. Some of its features are-:

  • 5-Seater Compact SUV
  • 1984CC TSI Engine 
  • Only Automatic Transmission
  • 4Motion Drive Mode Selector
  • ESC and Hill Decent Control

The market for Compact SUVs is quite cluttered. Everyone needs a compact SUV, while you look for other options, Tiguan could be a great choice if you want something up-to-date. The infotainment and touch controls in this car are spectacular in terms of usability and design. The diamond-cut alloys make it feel luxurious. Talking about the negatives, the overall cabin space provided in the car is quite not adequate. Some features like cooled seats have been avoided even at this price point which is not-so-cool.

Ex-Showroom Price: ?31,99,000 Onwards 


Toyota Camry is a family sedan that has to offer everything that you crave in a sedan.

Toyota Camry 

Derived from the Japanese word ‘Kanmuri’, Camry literally means crown. Well, if you might put this car in a category, then it definitely would be eligible to get one. Coming from the largest car manufacturer in the world, Camry is one of the most popular series of Toyota.

While it sounds something like a bird, it flies like one too. Toyota produces some of the most reliable and easy-to-maintain engines in the world. The latest version of Camry came with a facelift and looks mind-blowing when you see it for the first time.

Toyota Camry is a family sedan that has to offer everything that you crave in a sedan. Facelifted look? You got it. Sporty personality? You Got it. Luxury on the roll? You also got that. Well, now let’s take a look at some of its features-:

  • 5-Seater Sedan 
  • 2.5 Litre 2498CC Engine 
  • Only Automatic Transmission 
  • Rear Armrest with Touch Controls 
  • Hybrid with Nickel-Metal Battery

Taking the first look at this car itself, one question arises, why would anyone buy it when in the same range many other luxury sedans are available? Some of the obvious competitors are Audi A3, Volkswagen Passat and Skoda Superb. Well, it all comes to one thing, the driveability factor. The cost of maintenance is so feasible that you won’t even feel a difference and combined with the pretty awesome mileage, it becomes this whole package of reliability, driveability, and most importantly, not missing out on luxury!

Ex- Showroom Price: ?41,70,000 Onwards



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