Five Things To Do In Delhi During Winters

Delhi in winters can be a tricky time for people, depending on the kind of person you are. If you are a summer person, it might not be an ideal time, but for winter lovers, it might be a paradise with the amount of things delhi has to offer in winters

1) Eat Delicious street food for breakfast

 Chole bhature, which is popular in North India, was developed in Delhi in the 1940s. This delectable dish is served with pickles, onions, mint chutney, and a glass of lassi or Chaas. Chole bhature is widely available in Northern India’s street food restaurants. You can, however, make it at home. Because Punjabis enjoy spicy cuisine, they put this in their diet whenever they want. Chole Bhature can be eaten for breakfast or lunch, and if it’s freshly cooked, it will delight you. When mixed with hot, spicy, and sour chole dish, the crispy puffed Bhatura becomes delicious. That is why Punjabis can’t get enough of the delectable dish. During winters, Delhi people prefer to have this in the wee hours of the morning as the hot chole bhature provides warmth inside the body due to the chilled breeze.



Which restraunt/stall in Delhi do you think serves the best Chole Bhature

2) Watch the Sunset At Some Iconic Monuments

Tughlaqabad Fort has long drawn people’s gaze as they go towards Faridabad. Yes, the Tuglaq dynasty’s mark of power is now in ruins. Ghiyas-ud-din Tughlaq, the progenitor of the Tughlaq dynasty, erected Tughlaqabad Fort or Tughlakabad Fort in Delhi. The winter season is the optimal time to visit Tughlaqabad Fort, or any other destination in Delhi (October – March.) Tughlaqabad Fort is located in Delhi on Mehrauli Badarpur Road. The most convenient method for getting there is in your own car. There is plenty of parking available. If you want to see the magnificent Delhi sunset, aim to arrive around 5 p.m. This will guarantee that you do not lose out on the breathtaking scenery.


Do you think Delhi gives the best sunset views in India?

3) Attend a festival or concert

December is indeed the month to embrace the winter, commemorate the end of the year, and, most importantly, attend several festivals that brighten up the whole city. Here are some of the most exciting upcoming Delhi events and concerts. Arijit Singh is due to play in Delhi next month, and fans have been clamoring for tickets to his show. There will be some of the best festivals taking place, and these are the ones you might not want to miss. The legendary comic con is returning to Delhi after a brief hiatus, and the Great Indian Sneaker Festival will be held in late December for all sneakerheads.


You might have a chance to watch Arijit Singh live since he has decided to reschedule the date of the concert

4) Visit cheap shopping places

It is the most visible location in Central Delhi. Clothes and handicrafts are available for purchase. It is Delhi’s most well-known market for both tourists and locals. The Delhi Metro makes it simple for people to get here. This market follows new trends and needs that meet the expectations of clients. There are a number of fast food places as well as more inexpensive options. Sarojini Nagar is another well-known market, although Janpath is even more spectacular. It is a smaller version of Sarojini, and the best aspect is that it is a well-organized market. Although it is small, you will find everything you need, at reasonable costs, and you will not get lost.



Janpath and Sarojini are the go-to places for people looking to buy stuff at a bargain

5) Dilli Darshan on your own

Have you ever arrived at the Metro Station and pondered if there was a better way to get to the market place or your preferred restaurant without having to deal with the autowallas? Or did you take your car out for a drive and get a headache looking for just a parking space near the area? Don’t worry, Yulu is coming to relieve congestion and boost last-mile connectivity. Yulu started operations in Delhi last year in conjunction with Delhi Metro, and with fares starting at Rs 10 for every 10 minutes, here are some locations you can zip off to without contributing to the current pollution or traffic concerns. This allows you to explore almost any section of Delhi and is simple to drive.



Have you ever gotten the chance to try the Yulu bikes and take it out for a ride?



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