Power Breaks the Flow of Snow

Hill-Tops Can Become Hill-Slops When the Layer of White Snow Adorns the Rough Roads. For This to Not Happen, You Need Power & Control. Check out How it Looks Like!

The trails of 2021 have been standing on an edge and are just about to end. This year has been fantastic. From all the roaring horses of your car to easing restrictions, everything was in line for your long drive plans. This blissful journey was undoubtedly better than the road named 2020.

As the popular saying goes, “Price is what you pay & value is what you get” the price that this world has to pay for travelling down to 2020 was something that we can never be estimated but the values associated with that price is well learnt this year.

December is the month of snow and festivities. The white crown drops from the sky as if you’re the kings and queens. Snow, cold weather, Christmas, and the beginning of the cold rains are some of the events that December is known for. Now can you sacrifice going out on long drives and speedy thrills? No, right?

Well, as the Santa comes sliding on your way, The way becomes wet and humid for the tyres to slide upon. The thick layer of snow may sometimes take over the narrow ridges and block the whole way making it difficult for low rides and low powered engines to ponder upon.

But don’t you worry as only the year’s coming to an end, not our advice about which engine to pick. We have sorted some of the most winter and snow friendly engines for you, that would not only make your ride comfortable but would give you an experience that even summers can’t. Buckle up and join us on this snowy excursion!

1) Volvo XC40 2021

Founded in 1927, Volvo’s are known for always going the extra mile that others just can’t. A Volvo never breaks out. Well, not exactly known for their spare-part availability but the Swedish engineering is quite eminent in every car made by them.

Popularly known for the V90s and the S90s, XC40s have been the go-to when choosing for a mid-SUV. It’s also known amongst the World’s Best Mid-SUVs. 2021 gave us another treat of the XC40. Let’s take a look at some of its key features-:

  • 1969CC Powerful 4-Cylindered 2.0 Litre Engine 
  • 187.40 BHP & 300 NM of Torque 
  • 460 Litres of Boot Space with 54 Litres of Fuel Tank Capacity 
  • 8-Speed Automatic Transmission with Front Wheel Drive
  • Top speed of 180 KMPH

While it’s more on the Mid-SUV side but one of its most useful features for the thick layers of snow could be the high ground clearance and rear panel protection. You can also upgrade from the base variant to an All-Wheel-Drive 248 BHP T5 Motor which gives you a hell of a lot of power onboard. The handling of this Mid-SUV is more on a smoother side with a lean body.

Some of the snow-friendly features that it provides can be blind-spot monitoring and automatic rain-sensing windshield wipers. You can definitely consider this as your daily drive if you experience snow and cold weather.


2)  Toyota Land Cruiser 2021

Toyota is all we crave when it comes to reliability and trust. Founded in 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda, this Japanese tycoon has been making it to the charts every time. What charts, you may ask? The charts of reliable engines.

Coming directly from one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world is one of the world’s most trusted cars, The Land Cruiser. As the name suggests, this car can cruise on any land, be it snowy, muddy, plain, or hot. It just won’t give up. Some of its prominent features are-:

  • 4461CC Beastly 8-Cylindered 5.7 Litres V8 DOHC Engine 
  • 262 BHP & 650NM of Torque 
  • 620 Litres of Boot Space with 93 Litres of Fuel Tank Capacity 
  • 6-Speed Automatic Transmission with All Wheel Drive 
  • Top Speed of 190 KMPH

Toyota’s Land Cruiser is a hell of a beast. With a roaring engine of more than 4000CC, it can easily handle any terrain. Its heavy and sturdy looks should not at all be confused with its drive quality. The steering is smooth and light, it might feel like any normal SUV except you’d be sitting around a foot high from the ground. Some of the features that can come in handy while cruising in the snow can be the low-speed crawl control, High-low ranging gears, skid plates, and two-speed transfer case.


3) Subaru WRX 2021

Founded as early as 1953, Subaru has become the 21st largest manufacturer of Automotive. Subaru is one of the classic JDMs which remains classic to this day. The WRX has been one of the most prominent cars from Subaru and so is the 2021st edition.

The WRX 2021 although comes with no changes in performance but with minor tweaks. This does not at all means that there is any compromise in the performance. This could be proven by looking at some of the features of WRX 2021-:

  • 2457CC Powerful Flat-4 Cylindered 2.5 Litres Turbo Charged Engine
  • 268 BHP & 258 lb-ft of Torque 
  • 450 Litres of Boot Space with 60 Litres of Fuel Tank Capacity
  • 6-Speed Manual Transmission with All-Wheel Drive
  • Top Speed of 265 KMPH

The reason that WRX got included in this list is because of its furious suspension and speed. It is capable of taking almost anything that you at it. The AWD provides a grip on the road and the Boxer Engine with Vertical cylinders inside provides adequate power to the base.

Although if you want something with a tat bit more space, you can really look for an SUV with better spacing options.


4) Audi A4 All-Road

Paving the way for snowy thrills, comes the second sedan on the list. Coming straight from one of the best, German-made Volkswagen, Audi is known for the luxury it provides with wheels. A8 & Q7 are the most luxurious and popular options that Audi provides.

A4 is also on-par in the popularity department. This All-road version of the A4, as the name suggests, provides everything that it needs to go on Any-Road. Some of its most prominent features are -:

  • 1998CC Powerful 2.0 Litre Turbocharged Hybrid Engine 
  • 261 BHP & 380 NM of Torque
  • 495 Litres of Boot Space with 58 Litres of Fuel Tank Capacity
  • 7-Speed Automatic Transmission with Audi’s Newest All-Wheel-Drive Tech.
  • Top Speed of 249KMPH

Audi A4 All-Road provides some of the most reliable options amongst all. Audi’s latest generation of All-Wheel-Drive technology makes sure that this traction remains solid while providing adequate speed to get to your desired location quickly. The adaptive suspension provides on-board comes with a snow-friendly suspension that can adapt as per your need.

Although the A4 All road is quite sturdy and hefty looking, it could do somewhat better in the area of boot space. Sometimes, the 495 Litres of Boot Space could prove to be a bit inadequate.



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